Koi Lamha Gulab Ho  Novel by Nighat Abdullah

Book Name: Koi Lamha Gulab Ho

The Writer: Nighat Abdullah

Nighat Abdullah Novels:

Koi Lamha Gulab Ho is a romantic Urdu novel that has gained a lot of popularity. The author of this novel is the famous female novelist Nighat Abdullah. It is a social drama story that is loved by the public.

It is a digest serial novel that has been published in episodes form in local digests. This novel story has also been published in the form of a book due to the great reception from the readers of Urdu literature.

Also, Hum News Television Channel has made a drama serial with the same name as the story of this novel, which viewers can watch. This novel consists of a single volume and has a total of eight and a half hundred pages.

Story/Summary of the Novel:

In the story of this novel, the difference between the rich and the poor class is made clear. Also, the economic problems and sufferings of the lower class are highlighted. In this story, the author has told us how upper-class people lead a life of luxury and exploit the lower class and oppress them.

While the lower-class people live a life of poverty and deprivation. Unfortunately, the state also does not make any special arrangements to provide the necessities of life to this oppressed and downtrodden class.

For their support, the government creates only fictitious and paper projects, the implementation of which does not improve the economic conditions of these people. The common character of this Urdu novel is a brave and strong girl named Faiqa.

Koi Lamha Gulab Ho Novel Part 2:

She belongs to a low-class family. Faiqa is working in a multinational company in office staff to support her family. Due to poverty and hardship, her family is facing many financial problems. These people do not have a good house to residence.

She lives in a rented house in a slum where the essential amenities of urban life are not available. Faiqa is determined to give her last drop of blood and her last breath to make her family prosperous and free from poverty.

The owner of the company respects Faiqa because she works for a long time. She has a good understanding of the owner of the company due to which he must meet Faiqa whenever he comes to visit the factory.

The company owner’s son is now in love with Faiqa and he has proposed to her for marriage. Faiqa has accepted this offer with the advice of her parents. Her whole family is very happy and satisfied with this offer.

If you want to know about the end scene of this story then read this novel completely. If you like to read social and romantic urdu novels then this novel is for you.

Authors, Introduction:

Nighat Abdullah is a well-known female novelist of Pakistani Urdu literature. Her novels are published in local Urdu digests published in Lahore. Apart from writing novels, she also writes dramas for TV channels. Many of his Urdu dramas have become the adornment of TV channels, which have been loved by the audience.

Apart from this, she also writes Urdu short stories. Nighat wrote the best collection of Urdu short stories like Mohabbat Ka Hisar. This book has been printed and has been accepted by the readers.

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