Kuliyat e Habib Jalib

Book Name: Kuliyat e Jalib

The Writer: Habib Jalib

Introduction of the Novel:

Kuliyat e Habib Jalib is a wonderful collection of poetry by the popular Urdu poet Habib Jalib. This book contains the most popular poems, ghazals, and poetry of Habib Jalib. In the 1980s, Habib Jalib played a very important role in highlighting the problems of the lower classes, especially farmers and laborers.

Most of Habib’s Urdu poems are against the exploitative system supporting military regimes, landlords, and capitalists. Habib Jalib’s revolutionary poems are often used by politicians in their political rallies during elections. Especially during the military rule of General Zia-ul-Haq, Habib Jalib wrote revolutionary poems for the restoration of democracy and the abolition of martial law.

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He was a powerful voice for the marginalized and downtrodden classes and openly criticized the powerful rulers. He was arrested by the government for writing revolutionary poems and rhetoric against General Zia. Habib Jalib was imprisoned for several years by General Zia’s government for representing the weaker sections and opposing martial law, demanding the restoration of democracy.

But he stuck like a rock to his thinking and ideology and refused to make any kind of compromise. Ideologically, Habib Jalib was greatly influenced by the political philosophy of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, his plan of Islamic socialism. He was primarily a public poet and discussed public issues in his poetry.

He considered himself responsible for the sufferings of the people. As long as he lived, he raised his voice for the rights of the weak and poor. He believed that if this poor-friendly manifesto was followed sincerely, the backward class of Pakistan could be given relief.

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