Kulliyat e Bedam Warsi by Bedam Shah Warsi PDF

Book Name: Kuliyat e Bedam Warsi

The Writer: Bedam Shah Warsi

Introduction of the Novel:

Kuliyat e Bedam Warsi is a collection of poetry by the famous and unique Urdu poet Bedam Warsi. In this book, Bedam Warsi’s famous natiya kalams, ghazals, and manqbats are copied.

The book has two parts, in the first part; Natia Kalam written by has been added. While the second part consists of different manqabats. Bedam was a public poet who had no desire for fame. It was his good fortune that his poetry got immense fame during his lifetime.

Apart from Pakistan and India, his poetry fans are huge in Bangladesh. Edam Shah Warsi was a dervish man. He never wrote a poem in praise of any worldly ruler. He considered it rewarding to write poetry only in praise of the famous people of Islam, saints, and saints.

Kulliyat e Bedam Warsi:

His written ghazals are very popular among scholars and Qawwals of Pakistan and India. Naat readers also read his written naats with great interest. The names of the Companions who have been praised are as follows.

  1. Hazrat Ali Murtaza
  2. Hazrat Ghous-ul-Azam Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani
  3. Hazrat Khwaja Ajmeri
  4. Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya
  5. Hazrat Ali Ahmed Saber
  6. Hazrat Khwaja Fariduddin Ganj Shukar
  7. Hazrat Syed Waris Ali

Introduction of the writer of the book:

Bedam Shah Warsi is a famous Indian Urdu poet. Apart from being a poet, he was also a dervish and a Sufi who has millions of followers in Pakistan and India. He got his early education from his hometown Ottawa.

Urdu was his mother tongue so he loved this language very much. Most of his poetry is in the Urdu language. From his childhood, he was very fond of getting an education and training in the Urdu language, literature, and poetry.

To fulfill his passion for poetry, he moved to the famous city of Agra in India. Nisar Akbarabadi was considered a very authentic and famous Urdu ghazal poet in Agra in those days. Bedam became a disciple of Nisar Akbarabadi and soon became one of the great poets of the Urdu language.

His mentor and teacher Hazrat Syed Waris Ali gave him the best spiritual training. Due to spiritual training, he emerged as an excellent Sufi poet, and Naat-go-poet and ghazal-poet. This great poet of the Urdu language died in 1936 in Lucknow.

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Kulliyat e Bedam Warsi by Bedam Shah Warsi PDF:

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