Kulyat e Iqbal by Allama Iqbal

Book Name: Kulyat e Iqbal

The Writer: Allama Iqbal

Introduction of the Novel:

Kuliat Iqbal is a wonderful collection of four books of Allama Iqbal’s poetry, poems, and ghazals in the Urdu language. In Kuliat Iqbal, four books of Urdu poetry by Allama Iqbal, Bang Dara, Bal Jibreel, Armaghan Hijaz, and Zarb Kaleem, are in one volume.

In this collection of books, Allama Iqbal’s beautiful and thought-provoking poetry is also decorated with beautiful pictures. For Islamic-minded thinkers, philosophers, teachers, scholars, and lawyers. This book is a unique gift. It is true that Allama Iqbal’s poetry is in a very difficult language and can be easily understood only by scholars.

In his poetry, Iqbal sometimes appears as a religious scholar and sometimes as a progressive philosopher. At times he appears to praise Sufism and at other times he condemns the self-seeking, wealth-hoarding Mashaikhs. The greatest quality of Allama Iqbal’s poetry is that it feels new and refreshing in every period.

Kulyat e Iqbal Urdu by Allama Muhammad Iqbal:

Allama Iqbal studied at the universities of European countries, so he was also greatly influenced by the scholars of European countries. He seems to appreciate the ideas of Basawaqat, Khalil Gibran, and Karl Marx with an open heart. Similarly, Muslims praise philosophers and Sufis a lot.

These scholars include Maulana Jalaluddin Rumi, Imam Ghazali, Hakeem Sanai, Maulana Abdul Rahman Jami, and Allama Ibn Rushd Maliki. Allama Iqbal’s poetry books are considered very useful for people from every walk of life. These books are useful for scholars, teachers of Urdu literature, students, and jurists alike.

In his books of poetry, Iqbal has compared the Western capitalist system and the economic system of Islam and the blessed and beneficial aspects of Islam. The superiority of the system has been proven. Likewise, he criticizes the democratic system of Western countries and tells the political system of the Islamic caliphate as the solution to our problems.

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