Kya Hui Hai Khata Novel by Rimsha Hussain Complete

Book Name: Kya Hui Hai Khata

The Writer: Rimsha Hussain

Introduction of the Novel:

Kya Hui Hai Khata is a high-quality and wonderful novel written by Ramsha Hussain. This is a social romantic novel whose story has been loved by the readers of Urdu literature. The story of the novel is about a person whose small mistakes cause him to break his relationship.

The author tells us that we should not break ties with others unnecessarily. Also, feelings of friendship and love should not be measured by the scale of wealth. One should appreciate the love of sincere and loving friends and not be arrogant towards them.

The main characters of the story of the novel are a boy and a girl named Ahnaf and Tara. Tara belongs to a wealthy family and from her childhood went abroad with her parents to pursue her education. Now she has returned to her hometown after completing her education.

Kya Hui Hai Khata Novel by Rimsha Hussain:

Ahnaf belongs to a middle-class family and his father is doing a menial job in a factory. Ahnaf has loved Tara since childhood and has been waiting for her return for years. He is very happy with Tara’s decision to return to his homeland. Little does he know that his girlfriend Tara has completely changed.

Her lifestyle and temperament are completely different from Ahnaf and his thoughts and concerns are of a different nature. He goes to Tara’s house to meet her but gets depressed by her changed attitude. Ahnaf returns without talking to her. He is very shocked to be ignored by Tara.

She doesn’t understand what she has to do to lead Tara back to her childhood feelings. Can Tara stop ignoring Ahnaf and rekindle her friendship with him? Has Tara fulfilled the expectations of Ahnaf about Tara? To know the answers to these questions, read the entire story of the novel.

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