Lams e Fanae Mohabbat Season 2 by Bisma Bhatti

Book Name: Lams e Fanae Mohabbat

The Writer: Bisma Bhatti

Introduction of the Novel:

Lams e fana e Mohabbat is a high-quality novel written by Basma Bhatti which is highly appreciated by the readers. Bisma wrote this novel story for a local Urdu digest. The story of the novel is about a couple who have been friends since childhood.

From childhood to adulthood, their romantic relationship suffered from various ups and downs. Many people tried to create hatred between them to end their mutual love. But their fate was kind to them due to which their love flourishes till now.

The main characters of the story of the novel are a boy and a girl whose names are Umeer and Sanam. Umeer likes Sanam very much and their friendship has been growing since childhood. Both of them are classmates and good people of the city. He is studying in school.

Lams e Fana e Mohabbat Novel by Bisma Bhatti:

A boy named Shamreez Khan is also his classmate and he also likes Sanam very much and wants to be friends with her. Sanam finds it difficult to decide which of the two she should be friendly with Shamreez sees Sanam walking with Umeer, he gets angry and starts fighting with Umair.

Even a few days ago, there was a fight between the two because of this issue. Umair and Sanam were going for a walk in the park when Shamreez saw them. Shamreez forbade Sanam to go with Umeer, due to which there was a quarrel between the two and Shamreez slapped Umeer. When the matter came to his parents, Umeer’s mother complained to Shamreez’s parents.

Shamreez wants to make friends with Sanam by force and for this purpose, he adopts bullying and coercive behavior. Shamreez’s mother is aware of this matter and she is trying to make her son understand. Shamreez’s father is wealthy. He is a good man and a great businessman. He is encouraging his son instead of correcting him. Shamreez’s mother, however, is getting very worried about her son.

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