Madari(Complete) Novel by Ahmad Iqbal PDF

Book Name: Madari

The Writer: Ahmed Iqbal

Ahmad Iqbal Novels:

Madari is a standard and most popular novel in the Urdu language. The author of this novel is famous action urdu novelist Ahmad Iqbal. It is a popular digest serial novel that has been published in Jasoosi Digest in episode form.

Now, this excellent novel has been printed in the form of a book. This novel consists of twelve volumes and is considered one of the longest novels in Urdu literature.

Story/Summary of the Novel:

The characters in this novel’s story are the elements that support the forces of evil. This book sheds light on the display of wealth, abuse of power, and gender discrimination in society. Readers are not unfamiliar with the details of the story of this novel. It is a thrilling and suspenseful story.

The main character of the story of this novel. Sahib is the scholar who suppresses the criminals and vile elements of society and brings them to the court of justice. The story of the Madari novel is actually an eternal story of love for the country, which has been published in the form of a book.

Madari Novel Complete 12 Volumes by Ahmad Iqbal:

Sahib Alam is fighting against the mafia that is weakening the geographical borders of the country. He has hired sympathetic people from other countries. These people are supporting him financially.

He is in touch with some kind friends from nearby countries who are helping him from time to time to get manpower for military operations. It is a very scary battle in which the slightest mistake can lead to death.

He is setting new examples of bravery to sacrifice for the defense of the motherland. He is fighting the difficulties in this way like a man. In the story of this novel, the author of the novel is giving the message of bravery, fighting against difficulties, patriotism, and hope to his readers.

Author’s Introduction:

Ahmad Iqbal is a great story writer and novelist of Urdu literature. Ahmed Iqbal is from Lahore, Pakistan. Ahmed received his early education in Lahore city. He obtained an MA Urdu degree from Government College Lahore.

During his student days, he wrote several novels which gained immense popularity. His Urdu novels are mostly published in the monthly Urdu Digests. The stories in his novels are very good and standard.

He mostly writes action-adventure novels. He has received many awards for his novels. The novels written by him are an important asset of Urdu literature. Following are the titles of Ahmad Iqbal’s novels.

  • Shikari
  • Madari
  • Anari
  • Jawari

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