Mafroor Complete Novel by Aqleem Aleem

Book Name : Mafroor

The Writer: Aqleem Aleem

Aqleem Aleem Novels:

Mafroor, is a popular adventure digest serial novel that has been published in a local digest for a long time. The author of this Urdu novel is the famous Urdu novelist Aqleem Aleem. This mysterious story is about a man who wants to learn about alchemy.

He is trying to learn this chemical recipe to make gold and live a prosperous life by selling gold. He is traveling to different countries to learn the recipe for gold making. During the journey, he faces many difficulties.

Sometimes he runs out of money for travel expenses and sometimes he has to deal with health issues due to harsh weather conditions. For him, trials are trials in this journey. This Urdu novel was published in a monthly digest many years ago.

Summary of the Novel:

This novel story is about a man who is very keen to learn alchemy and travels all over the world for this purpose. In ancient times, the art of knowing the work of gold making was called alchemy. The main character of the story of the novel is a simple and uneducated man.

He is going to the peaks of the Himalayas in the mountainous region of Nepal to learn the art of gold making. He is looking for various Hakims, herbalists,s and Vedas for this purpose. Fortunately, he meets a herbalist who is an expert in this work.

Mafroor Urdu Novel Part 2:

This herbalist has handed over to him the complete recipe for making gold. The traveler is very happy that he has finally found his heart’s desire after so many hardships. After completing his mission, the traveler man is leaving for his homeland from the mountainous region of Nepal when one of the robbers. The gang follows him. The bandits have got word that the traveler has a perfect recipe for making gold which they want to get from him. The traveling man is not at all willing to give these people the recipe for making gold.

Mafroor Urdu Novel Part 6:

He manages to get away from them by hiding in the mountainous region of Nepal. During the journey, he has to pass through many countries. He finds his life in danger. He is trying his best to save his life and hide the recipe for making gold.

This is a very beautiful, thrilling, and suspenseful novel. This adventure novel is a favorite among readers. If you are fond of reading adventure novels, then this novel will be your best choice.

Author’s Introduction:

Aqleem Aleem is a well-known short story writer and novelist of the Urdu language. He belongs to Rawalpindi city of Punjab province of Pakistan. The writer received a BS Urdu degree from Quaid-e-Azam University.

He started writing novels while still a student. Aqleem Aleem achieved great success at the beginning of his career. The novels written by him have been declared as super hit novels of Urdu literature by readers of Urdu literature.

He mostly writes action-adventure novels. Episodes of his novels are published in the monthly Digests. The stories in his novels are very standard.

His famous novels are as follows.

  • Mafroor
  • Sangtarash
  • Maut Ke Sodagar

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