Man Chalay Ka Sauda Novel by Ashfaq Ahmad 

Book Name: Man Chale Ka Sauda

The Writer: Ashfaq Ahmad

Ashfaq Ahmad books:

Man Chale Ka Sauda is a high-quality Urdu novel that was written twenty years ago. The author of this beautiful novel is the famous Urdu novelist and Sufi scholar Ashfaq Ahmed. It is a spiritual and religious novel. This novel is considered to be the most important literary work of Ashfaq Ahmed.

It is one of his most important and famous novels. Due to the popularity of the story of this novel, Pakistan Television has also made a drama serial on it. The public liked this drama immensely and appreciated the literary masterpiece of Ashfaq Ahmed.

Story/Summary of the Novel:

Science and spirituality are compared in the story of this novel. Ashfaq Ahmad says that science and religion are actually two sides of the same coin. They are not very different from each other. The main character of this novel is a fifty years old man. Arshad is a rich and prosperous man who is living a very prosperous life. He has a small family in which his Includes wife and two sons.

Suddenly Irshad’s life took a new turn and he was inclined towards Sufism. He met various scholars and Sufis and told them that I was searching for Allah Ta’ala, so I should seek Allah. Provide information. They presented arguments of their own to satisfy him, but he was not satisfied with them. Because he could not find answers to the kinds of questions he had brought.

Man Chalay Ka Sauda Cast:

Irshad then decided that he would seek guidance from the common characters of society to seek Allah. These characters include the cobbler, the postman, the shepherd, and the sweeper. These people satisfied Irshad with the help of various arguments and proofs of where to find Allah. They guided him to the right path. The conversation between the cobbler, the postman, the cowherd, and the sweeper with Irshad is the most important part of the story of this novel.

The arguments of these characters are very interesting, spiritual, and inspiring. The main theme of this book is the relationship between the servant and the Lord. Also, this book compares religion and science. If you like Sufism, Spiritualism. If you want to read science-based novels then this novel will be a great choice for you.

Author’s Introduction:

Ashfaq Ahmad was a renowned Pakistani Sufi scholar, intellectual, Urdu short story writer, novelist, and teacher of Urdu literature. He was born in the Punjab province of India in August 1925. Ashfaq Ahmed’s family was considered to be an educated family.

Ashfaq received his primary education from the educational institutions of his city. After the creation of Pakistan in 1947, he migrated from India and settled in Lahore. Here he received his MA degree in Urdu language and literature from Government College Lahore.

The famous female novelist Bano Qudsia was his classmate at Government College. Who later became his wife As a student, Ashfaq started writing novels and short stories in the Urdu language. He worked for many years in Phool, a children’s magazine published in Lahore.

Later he worked as a scriptwriter for Radio Pakistan and as a dramatist and story writer for Pakistan Television. In recognition of his scholarly and literary services, the Government of Pakistan awarded him the Hasan Performance Medal.

During the regime of former President of Pakistan General Zia-ul-Haq, the Government of Pakistan appointed Ashfaq Sahib as the head of the Urdu Science Board. He worked in this position for a long time.

Apart from being a novelist and short story writer, Ashfaq Ahmed was also an able teacher of Urdu literature. He served as a teacher of the Urdu language at the University Of Rome, Italy for a long time. Ashfaq passed away in September 2004 in Lahore.

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