Marg e Tamanna Novel by Mawra Talha PDF

Book Name: Marg e Tamanna

The Writer: Mawra Talha

Introduction of the Novel:

Marg e Tamanna is a good socio-romantic Urdu novel. The author of this novel is Mawra Talhla and it has received a lot of appreciation in recent times. The story of the novel is about a girl who fights against difficulties to find her love. When his love story became public, people became his mortal enemies and wanted to kill him in any case.

She is a brave girl and fights her opponents bravely. The story of this novel was earlier published in the form of episodes in an Urdu language digest. For Urdu literature lovers, this novel is now available to buy in book form. This novel story is not too long and its total pages are about three hundred. The book consists of a single volume and is published by Alam Book House Lahore.

Story/Summary of the Novel:

The main character of the story of the novel is a girl named Kanza. She is in love with a young man from the village and wants to marry him. But in his village, young men, boys, and girls who marry of choice are looked at with great hatred. Even the girls and boys who go to the court and get married of their choice despite the prohibition are killed by their relatives.

Kanza also faces this kind of dire situation but she is adamant about her position and is not ready to back down from her point of view. She knows that the path she has chosen is very dangerous and suffering. is full of People who follow this path become the object of hatred of society and often lose their lives.

Marg e Tamanna  Novel by Mawra Talha:

Although he has the sympathy of a few people in this matter, many people are expressing hatred and enmity against him. The author of the novel has told in this story that the travelers of the destinations of love have to face many sufferings. In the journey of love, they also have to suffer the jealousy of many envious people.

In addition, conservative and ancient traditions. Following this, loved ones and relatives also become mortal enemies of people who marry for love. Romance, thrill, and social issues are collected in the story of the novel. The author of the novel has exposed this abominable aspect of society very well.

Introduction of the writer of the book:

Marwa Talha is a unique novelist and short story writer of Urdu language and literature. Many of her novels have been published in Urdu language magazines. Urdu literature fans are fond of her social romantic novels. She has written more than ten novels so far. Several of his novels have been published as episodes in various literary magazines. He started his writing career as a student.

Young readers like his novels very much because of his unique writing style. Most of his novels are published on Urdu literature websites in the form of episodes. In addition, many of his novels are also published in book form. They have come into the market secretly. Murg Tamna by Marwa Talha is a superhit and masterpiece Urdu novel that has gained extraordinary popularity. Several episodes of these novels have been published and have received appreciation from the readers. 

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