Mehndi Choori aur aanchal Novel by Faiza Iftikhar

Book Name: Mehndi, Choori Aur Aanchal

The Writer: Faiza Iftikhar

Romantic Urdu Novels: 

Mehndi, Choori Aur Aanchal, is a wonderful social and romantic Urdu novel. The author of this novel is Faiza Iftikhar, a well-known novelist of the Urdu language. It is a digest serial novel which is very liked by the readers. It is a common story in our society. in which a girl is directed to marry against her will.

But that girl is very liberal and sensible and understands the implications of forced marriage. Her family is constantly pressuring her to marry her cousin, so she refuses to marry her aunt’s son despite her family’s insistence.

Story/Summary of the Novel:

This novel story is about two families who are in conflict over forced child marriage. The main character of this story is a young girl named Rahma. Her family members want to force her to marry her aunt’s son. She is not willing to marry her aunt’s son because she does not like this boy.

Rahma is a decent girl who takes all decisions thoughtfully. She also wants to make her marriage decision very carefully. Therefore, despite her aunt’s order, she has refused to obey her. Her aunt is insisting on marriage to her son. But it is not at all acceptable for him to make this decision in haste.

Mehndi Choori aur anchal Novel by Faiza Iftikhar PDF:

Rahma’s aunt has been living in England for a long time, where she owns a high-end car business. His aunt has twins who were brought up in England. Her aunt’s elder son is very fond of her and wants to marry her and take her with him to England.

Rahma’s mother and her brothers and sisters are all very happy about her relationship with her cousin. Because they think that their relatives in England are very rich and prosperous people, Jahan Rahma will live a very luxurious life. Unfortunately, Rahma doesn’t like this boy at all because he is too fat.

She is defiant against her family’s decision and has decided that no matter what happens, she will marry her own will and choice. She expected that she will face the family’s hatred. He has already prepared himself for this kind of situation.

Introduction of the author of the book:

Faiza Iftikhar is the most popular female novelist of Urdu literature. Faiza belongs to Lahore city. She mostly writes digest serial novels. Local urdu digests published her novels. The novel under comment is one of the most popular novels of Faiza Iftikhar. Readers liked it very much.

Novels are very popular among the young generation. Fortunately, at the beginning of his career, his literary work has been highly appreciated by the people. This is the reason why she has reached the heights of fame very quickly.

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