Mera Bakht Novel by Sehar Sajid PDF

Book Name: Mera Bakht

The Writer: Sehar Sajid

Introduction of the Novel:

Mera Bakht is a beautiful romantic Urdu novel written by a young and new Urdu novelist Sehar Sajid. The story of the novel is about a girl who belongs to a conservative Pashtun family. In her family, it is not customary to allow girls to go out and study. This girl rebelled against the traditions of her family and stepped out of the house to study in school.

She is a bold girl with bright and liberal thinking who wants to make her own decisions. She likes a young man from her neighborhood and wants to marry him. Her decision is strongly opposed by her family but she is resolute and determined to marry her choice no matter what.

Summary/Story of the Novel:

The main character of the story of this novel is a girl named Bakht. Bakht’s family is a conservative and religious-minded family. Bakht has a great passion for education and has taken special permission from the elders of his family to get admission to the school. Veiling is strongly advised and not allowed to go out of the house.

Bakht is the only girl in her family who has been allowed to go out of home and study in school. She has passed the matriculation exam from school this year and she wants to pursue higher education in computer science and become a school teacher in the future.

For this purpose, she is waiting for the permission of the family elders to study in a big girls’ college in the city. Her parents and uncle have refused to send her to the city to study. Bakht is very depressed and worried about not being allowed to pursue higher education.

Mera Bakht by Sehar Sajid PDF Complete:

She is a modern and liberal-minded girl who believes that women should have opportunities to get education and contribute to national development. Since his father and uncle are unable to understand this and are imposing their decision on him.

A young boy lives in the neighborhood next to Bakht. He is an intelligent and attractive young man who is employed as a teacher in a local government school. Bakht likes him a lot and wishes to marry him in the future.

She has expressed this desire to her family but her parents and uncle are not allowing her to marry this poor young man. They want to marry Bakht into a rich and prosperous family. Therefore, they flatly refused to allow Bakht to marry this young man.

She is in a much-traumatized state due to unnecessary strictures and restrictions by the family. Bakhat also has the trauma of missing out on higher education earlier. She is very miserable and thinks that maybe her luck is so bad that none of her wishes come true.

Introduction of the writer of the book:

Sehar Sajid is a young Urdu novelist and short story writer. Many of his Urdu novels have been published in various Urdu magazines so far. She mostly writes novels for Urdu monthly digests which are published in the form of episodes every month. Sehar mostly publishes novels in Salam Arz Digest.

Experts and fans of Urdu literature have described the novels written by him as high-quality literature. She has written more than a dozen novels so far. Social problems of women, especially forced marriage, and deprivation of inheritance, are the main themes of the stories of her novels.

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Mera Bakht Novel by Sehar Sajid PDF:

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