Mera Sitamgar Novel Complete by Areej Shah

Book name: Mera Sitamgar

 The Writer: Areej Shah

 Introduction to the Book:

Mera Sitamgar Novel Complete by Areej Shah is a high-quality Urdu novel that is highly liked by readers. The author of this novel is Areej Shah, a well-known novelist of Urdu literature. This Urdu novel contains a social and romantic story that has a lot of suspense and a thrill factor.

Areej Shah is primarily a social media writer. She writes articles, novels, and Urdu short stories on various topics. His novels are published on his official Facebook page.

The novel under review has also been published in the form of episodes on their official social media pages. This is a standard and high-quality Urdu novel that the readers of Urdu literature very much like.

 Mera Sitamgar, Novel Book Summary:

There are many characters in the story of this novel but its main character is a boy named Zar Shah. Apart from this, the other important character in the story the novel is a girl named Aban Hayat. Shah Zar Shah belongs to a rich and prosperous family.

Wealth and prosperity have made this young man very rude and arrogant. He is a smart and handsome young man who is leading a very respectable life in society. By using his wealth, family status, and influence, he is inclined towards a life of luxury. This young man has a lot of arrogance and talks to everyone in a rude tone.

Aban Hayat is a virtuous and noble girl who lives in her neighborhood. His parents are very good and respectable people. Aban Hayat belongs to a lower-middle-class family. Shah Zar Shah sees Aban Hayat going to college every day and tries to develop a relationship with her.

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In fact, he has fallen in love with Aban and is in the mood to befriend her. Shah has also told her that he will marry her later. Aban Hayat rejects her offer of love, friendship, and marriage. She makes it clear to him that she is not a wanderer or a free-spirited girl who hangs out with boys.

Rather, she is the child of good and noble parents and will marry according to her parents’ will. Shah Zar is very unhappy about this Aban Hayat. He feels that Aban has disrespected him. So he starts planning to avenge his insult to her. He wants to take revenge on Aban at any cost.

This Urdu novel is a blend of romance, revenge, suspense, thrill, and horror. If you read this type of novel then this novel might be the best choice for you.

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Author’s Introduction:

Arij Shah is a famous and best novelist and storyteller of Urdu literature. She is basically a social media novelist and shares her novels on her official social media pages. His novels have become very popular in recent times.

Various publishing houses have published his novels in book form. Her writing technique and storytelling skill have been liked by the public. The stories of her novels consist of social and romantic stories. Arij Shah has thousands of followers on his official Facebook page.

She has written chiefly novels or romantic stories. Areej Shah also raises her voice on social issues and women’s issues through her novels. She is a strong supporter of women’s rights and supports them at all important forums.

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