Mohababt Hayat Hoti Hay Novel by Meerab Hayat

Book Name: Mohababt Hayat Hoti Hay

The Writer: Meerab Hayat

Introduction to the Book:

Mohabbat Hayat Hoti Hai is a beautiful romantic Urdu novel. The author of this novel is the famous writer of the Urdu language Merib Hayat. The story of this novel reflects the feelings of people walking on the paths of love.

She is a famous writer of romantic novels. She mostly publishes her new novels on her Facebook page. Also, she has written many super hit novels for many Urdu digest. Shiddat is her most popular Urdu romantic novel.

Several episodes of this novel have been published so far and so far its episodes are published every month. It is counted among the super hit novels of Meerab. In addition, it is considered an important literary work of Meerab for the Urdu language and literature.

Story/Summary of the Novel:

The story of this novel is about a handsome young man named Sikandar Shah. He is an orphan boy whose father died in a car accident during his childhood. After the death of his parents,  His uncle had adopted him. Now his maternal uncles are taking care of his upbringing and education.

Sikandar Shah’s maternal uncle is a very kind and compassionate person. His maternal uncles keep him in their house just like their own children. They are always ready to meet all his needs and expenses. Sikandar’s maternal uncle has two daughters named Dil Anwar and Shuja.

Sikandar loves his maternal uncle’s daughter Dil Anwar from childhood and wishes to marry her. Her cousin Dil Anwar is also very happy with her marriage proposal. But Sikandar’s second cousin Shuja also likes him very much and is in love with him.

Mohabbat Hayat Hoti Hay by Meerab Hayat Complete Novel:

Shuja expresses his desire to marry Sikandar to his father. But Sikandar is not at all interested in marrying her. Sikandar’s uncle is forcing him to marry Shuja. Sikandar is very worried because he does not want to anger his uncle by ignoring his words. Also, he wants to marry his beloved Dil Anor anyway.

Sikandar is in a tough trial and his affairs have become very complicated. In the story of the novel, the writer of the novel tells us what kind of difficulties he has to face to get his love and how much he has to sacrifice for his beloved. The Pledge of Allegiance is kept with.

Author, s Introduction:

Meerab Hayat is a reliable Urdu novelist and short story writer. Many of his novels have gained immense popularity. She mostly writes digest serial novels. The main feature of her novels is that her stories are very strong and close to reality. Women’s rights, romance, social customs, and forced marriage, are important topics of Meerab Hayat’s novels.

Meerab Hayat Novels List:

  • Hai Tu Hi Meri Manzal
  • Mera Sukoon Ho Tum
  • Shiddat
  • Mohabbat Hayat Hoti Hay
  • Aan

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