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Book Name: Mohabbat Man Mehram

The Writer: Sumaira Hameed

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Mohabbat Man Mehram Novel by Sumaira Hameed is a standard Urdu novel that has been loved by readers. The author of this novel is Samira Hameed, a well-known female novelist of the Urdu language. This is a social romance novel that has been published in the form of episodes in Shuaa Digest.

Now this novel has been published in the form of a hardcover book. This is the best-selling book of Samira Hameed which has been published in several editions. The story of novel is about a boy and a girl who loves each other very much and wants to be each other’s life partners in the future.

The girl belongs to a rich family and she is expressing sincerity in love. Her boyfriend is a mean, selfish, and opportunistic man. He is planning to marry the girl to grab her wealth.

Mohabbat Man Mehram Novel Summary:

This novel story is a romantic story of a boy and a girl. The main characters of this novel are a boy and a girl named Aden and Maria. Aidan is an eccentric young man who is more interested in flirting with girls. He is more interested in making girlfriends than finding a job to support his family.

She is an average qualified who has passed the matriculation examination with difficulty. Maria is an educated and beautiful girl from a rich family. He holds a Master’s degree in IT. Adan has trapped this innocent girl in the trap of love by showing her false dreams.

He is a greedy and scheming boy who wants to marry Maria to get rich. Coming to Aden’s words, Maria has requested her parents to marry him. At first, Maria does not realize that Aden is a careless workaholic who does not do any work.

Mohabbat Man Mehram Romantic Novel:

But soon the whole truth was revealed, due to which severe differences arose between the two husbands and wives, due to which both the families became angry with each other and fierce fights started between them.

Maria has made a terrible mistake by marrying love, for which she has to suffer the punishment. She tries to somehow get Aden to get a job in a company and lead a good and decent life. Unfortunately, Aden is not ready to listen to her.

He just wants to make his point to Maria. He asks her to bring money from her parents every day. Maria is very sad and worried about his behavior. He is trying to reconcile matters through relatives and not lead to divorce.

But Adan’s parents are not ready to accept any mistake or shortcomings of their son. Due to this, the matters have reached the point of no return. Apparently, there is no solution other than a divorce between the two spouses.

Introduction of the Author of the Novel:

Sumaira Hameed is a great name of Urdu novelist. The writer has written several Urdu romantic novels which have become very popular. She mostly writes novels for Shuaa Digest, Women’s Digest, and Salam Saar Digest. Dozens of her novels published in book form.

Sameera’s story-telling style is very charming and inspiring, due to which the readers are huge admirers of her novels. Fortunately, he had great success at the very beginning of his career.

Many of her novels have been made into drama serials.  Pakistani TV channels received a very good response. She has also received various awards from Digest and TV channels for many novels.

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