Musa Bin Naseer Novel by Almas MA PDF

Book Name: Musa bin Naseer

The Writer: Almas MA

Introduction of the Novel:

Musa bin Naseer is a wonderful Islamic historical novel written by the well-known writer of historical novels Almas MA. The novel under comment is written about the war exploits, the spirit of jihad, and the bravery of the famous Muslim commander and general Musa bin Nasir.

Musa bin Nasir was born in Damascus; a city in the deserts of Africa. Musa bin Nasir joined the Islamic army during the reign of the Umayyad Caliph Abdul Malik bin Marwan. Staying in the army, Musa received advanced training in all the necessary martial arts and became one of the most capable and experienced military officers.

Seeing his military and fighting ability, Caliph Abdul Malik bin Marwan appointed him as the ruler of North Africa. Musa bin Nasir invaded the important European country of Spain and started the Islamic era there. General Tariq bin Ziyad, a gifted disciple of Musa, played a significant role in the conquest of Spain.

Musa Bin Naseer Novel by Almas MA Pdf:

King Roderick of Spain was a cruel ruler who was cruel to his ministers and subjects. His audacity grew to such an extent that he lusted after the young daughter of one of his ministers. His minister could not harm him because he was subordinate to the king.

So this minister appealed to the Muslim general Musa bin Nasir for help in order to seek justice and take revenge on the king for dishonoring his daughter. In response to his appeal, Musa attacked Spain and Roderick from Spain.

After the end of Roderick’s rule, Musa laid the foundations of a glorious period of Muslim rule in Spain, which lasted for a long time.

Introduction of the writer of the book:

Almas  M.A is considered to be very authoritative in Islamic historical novel writing. He has written many novels about the war exploits and conquests of famous Islamic generals, warlords, and conquerors.

In his novels, the true events copied from the books of the history of Islam have been recorded. This is the reason that the important events described in his books are in exact accordance with historical facts.

Almas MA Novels:

The novels written by Almas are considered to be very important in the historical literature of Pakistan. Historical novel writing is a very difficult art in which not everyone can master it. There is no room for error in this type of novel writing.

Dozens of novels by Almas have been published in the form of books and have received praise from the public. Manuscripts of many of his novels have not been printed yet. Almas has written dozens of stories about famous heroes, generals, and conquerors of Islamic history.

Among these novels, Musa bin Nasir and Salah al-Din Ayyubi have become the most popular. The best feature of Al-Mas’ novels is that they contain accurate historical events.

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Musa Bin Naseer Novel by Almas MA PDF:

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