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Name of the book:  Mushaf

Author: Nimra Ahmed

Mushaf Novel by Nimra Ahmad PDF is the best novel in Urdu fiction. The author of this best Urdu novel is Nimrah Ahmed who is a famous Pakistani female novelist. This story from Nimra Ahmad’s novel was published as an episode in Pakiza Digest magazine.

Later it was published as a book. This book was published by Ilam o Irfan Publishing House in 2021. This book has been introduced as the bestselling book of the year 2021.

 Summary of the Novel:

The story of this Urdu novel revolves around a girl named Mehmal Ibrahim. Mehmal Ibrahim is an orphan girl who lives with her mother in a joint family system. Other family members refuse to pay them. They don’t want to give them a share of their property.

He treats both of them like slaves. It carries a very beautiful girl. Mehmed’s cousin is very jealous of him. Many relatives offer suggestions to establish a confidential relationship. But no one proposed to marry her cousin. One day Mohmel meets a girl standing at the bus stop. This girl is carrying a book with a black cover and is wearing a hijab.

 The girl tells Mehmel that this is a magic book and it will change everyone’s life. The girl tells Mahamal that if you keep this book, the whole world will be in his hands. If you drop this book, you will gradually lose everything. After hearing this, my interest in this book increases.

Mushaf Novel Online Reading:

Mehmal asked the girl the name of the book. When the girl told him that the name of this book was Quran, he was very angry and disappointed because he thought that this book was a magic book. Then an important event happened in Mahal’s life that changed his life.

Fawad Mahal’s cousin loved her very much and wanted to marry her. In fact, he was a very greedy and mean man. He was a criminal. Fawad was playing with emotions. He ostensibly loved Mahmel, but in reality, he used it for his nefarious purposes.

 He caught Mahmal in the trap of love and sold him to a wealthy man for a small amount. Fortunately, Mahal managed to escape and reached a school. There he met a woman named Fareshtai. She was a noblewoman. Inspired by his speech, Mahmal enrolled in the Qur’an recitation class at school.

Two years later, he was busy reading and reciting the Quran. Reciting the Quran changed his life. Two years after his mother’s death, he married Humayun and had a son. Unfortunately, he had an accident and went into a coma.

Fawad seduced Mohmal’s husband and son against Mohmal. Both started hating Mahamal. This situation was created by Fawad who wanted to take revenge on Mahamal. He separates mother and son. Mahmal reads Quran and asks God to return his son.

His prayer is answered and his son returns to him. An angelic woman marries Humayun. He has a son. After some time, his son becomes a scholar. His life becomes very pleasant. This is where the story of the novel ends. The only difference is that now there is a woman named Mahmal holding the Quran and advising desperate people to seek guidance from the Quran.

About the author of the book:

Nimra Ahmed was born on September 9, 1990, in the Bakkar district of Punjab. He received his early education in his hometown Bakkar and after that, he came to Lahore for his higher studies. He received his MA in English Literature from Government University College Lahore.

Nimra Ahmad is the main author of Urdu novels. She is a female Urdu novelist from Pakistan. Readers of Urdu Digests love his writing style and storytelling technique. Nimra has gained a lot of fame due to his excellent skill in novel writing.

She started writing classical short stories inspired by Ashfaq Ahmad, a famous Sufi intellectual and novelist. She considers Ashfaq Ahmad as his spiritual leader. Nimra Ahmed started writing at the age of nine. She wrote his first story about the king, queen, and princess.

 Nimra started his professional activity at the age of sixteen. She created amazing things that earned him great fame. Mairay Khawab Mairay Jugnu, first grade. Haalim and Namal are her famous and best Urdu novels. These novels became extremely popular.

 Nimra Ahmed best Novels List:

  • Pahari Ka Qaidi
  • Qaraquram Ka Taj Mahal
  • Mala
  • Mushaf
  • Paras
  • Namal
  • Mairay Khawab Mairay Jugnu
  • Haalim

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