Muthi Bhar Mitti Complete Novel by Umera Ahmad

 Book Name: Mutti Bhar Mitti

The Writer: Umera Ahmed

Umera Ahmad Novels:

Muthi Bhar Mitti Complete Novel by Umera Ahmad is a story written in the background of the partition of India and the creation of Pakistan. The author of this story is the famous female Urdu novelist Umera Ahmed. At the time of the creation of Pakistan, the world’s largest migration took place in the subcontinent.

According to an estimate, more than five million people had migrated. In the story, the author tells us how many sacrifices our elders had to make to get to this region of Pakistan. Our ancestors had crossed the river of fire and blood to get to this region of Pakistan.

In this story, a great tribute has been paid to the mujahedeen, martyrs, and workers of Tehreek-e-Pakistan. In the story, the problems of the refugees who migrated from India to Pakistan. Pakistan Television has also made a drama serial on the story of this novel. This drama serial was very popular.

Muthi Bhar Mitti, Novel Book Summary:

The plot of the novel depicts the arrival of refugees in Pakistan during the Pakistan Movement. As soon as the partition plan of India was announced in the month of June, the refugees started moving from India to Pakistan.

Many people from the Indian province of Punjab were moving toward Lahore in the form of caravans. During the journey, the Sikh rioters were attacking the Muslim convoy while the policemen were silent spectators. Many young, old, and children were martyred during these attacks.

Thousands of women were abducted by the Sikhs. Looting and killings were happening everywhere. Doomsday was everywhere. Before the creation of Pakistan, Muslim League was the only representative political party of Muslims in India. While the major Hindu political party was the Congress.

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The majority of Muslims were supporting Muslim League politically. Some Muslim landlords and capitalists were supporting Congress for their financial and political interests.

Mubarak Ali Sahib was one of such Muslims who were supporting the Hindu candidates of the Indian National Congress in the election to collect financial benefits. He believed that Muslims should not demand a separate homeland but should live together with Hindus.

Mubarak Ali also said that Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s two-nation theory and demand for a separate homeland is impractical because it is not possible to do so. He is a strong supporter of United India, that’s why he is strongly supporting Congress.

Muthi Bhar Mitti Complete Novel by Umera Ahmad:

He thinks that the decision to divide India will cause a lot of damage to Muslims politically, so this decision should be revoked. Mubarak Ali Sahib’s son Muzaffar is an active worker of the Muslim League and a supporter of the Tehreek-e-Pakistan movement.

He goes to every rally and shouts slogans in favor of the establishment of Pakistan with great enthusiasm. He thinks that it is no longer possible to live together with the Hindus, so we must gain independence from them.

This novel by Umera Ahmed is an important masterpiece of historical fiction. If you are a fan of historical fiction then you must read this novel.

Author’s Introduction:

Umera Ahmed is a famous Pakistani novelist of Urdu literature. She mostly writes novels related to social and women’s issues. In addition, she has also written many novels related to spirituality and Islamism. Umera Ahmed belongs to Gujranwala city of Punjab province of Pakistan.

She received her primary education in her hometown Gujranwala. Later she moved to Sialkot for her higher education. There she obtained her graduation degree from Murray College Sialkot. After that, she came to Lahore and got admission to Government College University.

He obtained his master’s degree in English language and literature from this university. Umera Ahmed started writing at an early age. For a long time, his novels were published in the form of episodes in digests published from Lahore. She has written more than fifty books so far.

Her romantic novels are very popular among readers. The novel Peer e Kamil written by him is his most popular romantic and spiritual novel. Several editions of his books have been published. Some of his books have been declared as best-selling books of the year.

Following is the list of famous novels of Umira Ahmed.

Umera Ahmad Best Urdu Novels:

  • Peer e Kamil
  • Dana pani
  • Man o Salwa
  • Aab e Hayat
  • Qaid e Tanhai
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