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Name of the book: Namal 

Author: Nimra Ahmed

Namal Novel by Nimra Ahmad is a popular Urdu novel of urdu fiction. The author of this beautiful novel book is Nimra Ahmed who is a famous Pakistani Urdu novelist. This Urdu novel has been published in the Digest of Women in the form of an episode. This novel was first published as a book in 2016. This novel was published by Ilam o Irfan Publishers. It is a long novel with hundreds of pages.

The name of this Urdu novel is taken from the Quran. The name of a surah from the Qur’an means ant. This Urdu romantic novel consists of several parts.

Summary of the Novel:

The main idea of ​​this novel revolves around various murder cases. If we talk about the characters of this novel story, the main character of the novel is an intelligence officer. The name of this intelligence officer is Fars Ghazi. Faris Ghazi is arrested on false charges of murdering his Stepbrother and his wife.

Because of this, he is facing many problems. The efforts of Persia Ghazi’s nephew have led to his acquittal. All the characters in the story of this Urdu novel, Faris Ghazi, Zamar Yusuf, Hashem, and Saadi Yusuf are very impressive.

Nimra Ahmad wrote this Urdu novel inspired by Shahzad Khan’s murder case and NAB officer Kamran’s murder case. In the story of this novel, there are many quotes from Surah Namal. 

Nimra Ahmed has chosen untouched characters to write the novel. Nimra Ahmed is a prominent novelist. He writes mostly true romance novels. His novels are among the best-selling novels. Haleem, Jannat Kay Patay, Mairi Khab Mairi Jogno, Mushaf, and Mala are included in these Urdu novels.

 Readers of Nimra’s novel stories say that there is so much magic in his novels that the reader continues to read. Readers are waiting for the next parts of the best stories of Nimra’s novel.

About the author of the book:

Nimra Ahmed was born on September 9, 1990, in the Bakkar district of Punjab. He received his early education in his hometown Bakkar and after that, he came to Lahore for his higher studies. He received his MA in English Literature from Government University College Lahore.

Nimra Ahmad is the main author of Urdu novels. She is a female Urdu novelist from Pakistan. Readers of Urdu Digests love his writing style and storytelling technique. Nimra has gained a lot of fame due to his excellent skill in novel writing.

She started writing classical short stories inspired by Ashfaq Ahmad, a famous Sufi intellectual and novelist. Nimra considers Ashfaq Ahmad as his spiritual leader. Nimra Ahmed started writing at the age of nine. She wrote his first story about the king, queen, and princess.

Nimra Ahmed started his professional activity at the age of sixteen. She created amazing things that earned him great fame. Mairay Khawab Mairay Jugnu, first grade. Haalim and Namal are her famous and best Urdu novels. These novels became extremely popular.

Nimra Ahmed best Novels List:

  • Pahari Ka Qaidi
  • Qaraquram Ka Taj Mahal
  • Mala
  • Mushaf
  • Paras
  • Namal
  • Mairay Khawab Mairay Jugnu
  • Haalim

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