Namkeen Panion Ka Safar Novel by Munam Malik PDF

 Book Name: Namkeen Panion Ka Safar

The Writer: Munam Malik

Namkeen Panion Ka Safar Novel:

Namkeen Panion Ka Safar Novel by Munam Malik PDF is a standard and well-written novel. The author of this novel is female novelist Munam Malik. This novel is about a girl whose family follows ancient family traditions. Her parents strictly forbid her to go out of the house and she is more She stays at home.

Due to domestic restrictions, she was not allowed to study after matriculation. Because of this, she adopted the path of rebellion and adopted a liberal attitude.

Story/Summary of Namkeen Panion Ka Safar:

The main character of this story is a girl named Shamaila Khan. She is an intelligent student who has passed her matric examination in the first position. Shamaila’s family is a strict and old-fashioned family. Yes, girls are not allowed to study and work outside the home.

Shamaila’s parents have also stopped her from going to college to study after matriculation. Because of this, he is very depressed. She wanted him to get higher education and become a competent doctor. Unfortunately, due to family restrictions, she was not able to fulfill this dream.

Due to strict restrictions, rebellious thoughts are flourishing in his mind. He is furious that after all, everyone’s daughters are allowed to pursue higher education, but why are his parents so old-fashioned? She has come from the village to the city to attend her friend’s wedding. His two sisters are also with him.

Namkeen Panion Ka Safar Complete Novel:

Her parents strictly forbid her to attend the wedding, but she has changed her mind now, due to her coming to attend the wedding without her parents’ permission. There she meets a boy named Khizar. He is a decent and handsome boy who is employed as an IT manager in a big company.

Shamaila likes this boy very much and offers to marry him without asking permission from her parents. Khizar gladly accepts the offer and promises to marry her. Shamaila’s parents find out about their affair and plan to marry secretly.

These people have stopped him from leaving the house and have also strictly prohibited Khizar from meeting him and talking on the phone. Shamaila is very sad and worried because of the strict restrictions.

Author’s Introduction:

Munam Malik is a popular Urdu novelist from Pakistan. She belongs to the city of Karachi, Pakistan. The author has written many Urdu romantic novels so far, which have been blessed with exceptional fame. She writes novels for Digest and a large number of Urdu readers love her novel stories. Munam Malik started her writing career while studying. Many of his novels have been published in book form.

Famous novels of Munam Malik

  • Roop Ke Shaidai
  • Blushe
  • Band Kawar
  • Namkeen Panion Ka Safar
  • Khajoor Main Atki

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