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Book Name: Naqabil e Zikar

The Writer: Bano Qudsia

Bano Qudsia Short Stories:

Naqabil e Zikar, there is a beautiful bouquet of short stories in the Urdu language. The author of this collection of best short stories is the famous Urdu short stories writer, dramatist, and novelist lady Bano Qudsia. The themes of these stories are different from each other.

social issues and women’s issues discussed in it. Some of the stories contain romantic narratives. Actually, all these stories are of our society. While some Urdu short stories are about family problems, poverty, backwardness, and educational backwardness.

While many stories about outdated customs and ignorance are also included in this book. Bano Qudsia is a favorite writer of women because she raises her voice for women’s rights.

Banu has raised awareness through her stories to condemn crimes against women. These Urdu short stories were first published in a local digest. After the popularity of these stories, it was published in book form.

Summary/Story of Book:

Not to mention, the book is a collection of various short Urdu stories that have been published in various local magazines one after another. These stories are about social issues, poverty, and village life.

Some of these stories are romances in which the stories of our society have been renamed and brought to light. The total number of these stories is twelve which are detailed as follows.

  • Dorangi
  • Paband
  • Shahrah
  • Hijab
  • Gujji Mar
  • Bara Bol
  • Mushak Nafa
  • Rangroot
  • Kanchili
  • Chemia Ghar
  • Jhakora
  • Roos Say

Author’s Introduction:

Bano Qudsia was a prominent Urdu literature, short story writer, dramatist, and novelist. She was born on November 28, 1928, in Ferozepur, Indian Punjab. Bano received her primary education from Ferozepur. After that, she came to Lahore for higher education.

She obtained BA and MA Urdu degrees from Government College. Bano Qudsia started writing short stories during her studies. Her short stories and novels are extremely popular among the young generation. After the creation of Pakistan, she settled permanently in Lahore.

In 1983, the Government of Pakistan awarded Bano Qudsia with the Star of Distinction for her literary services. Apart from this, he was awarded the best dramatist and storyteller by Pakistan Television. Bano Qudsia passed away in 2017 in the city of Lahore.

Following is the list of famous novels of Bano Qudsia.

Bano Qudsia Best Urdu Novels:

  1. Raja Gidh
  2. Hasil Ghat
  3. Saman e Wajood
  4. Piya Naam ka Diya
  5. Foot Path Ki Ghass

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