Pahari Ka Qaidi Novel by Nimra Ahmad PDF

Book Name: Pahari Ka Qaidi

The Writer: Nimra Ahmad

Introduction of the Novel:

Pahari Ka Qaidi is a high-quality and popular Urdu novel written by the famous Urdu novelist Nimra Ahmed. The story of the novel highlights the eternal love between a mother and a son. This novel is considered among Nimra Ahmed’s superhit novels.

The fans of Urdu literature have liked the story of this novel very much. The story of the novel contains a tragic and painful story. Also, social problems, deprivations, and social injustices are highlighted in the story of the novel.

Nimra Ahmad Novels Pdf:

The author of the novel wants to make us understand that we should make special arrangements for the support of disabled children. Such children deserve our special attention and should not be ignored. Episodes of the novel under review have been published every month in a local Urdu digest.

Urdu literature lovers consider this novel to be his most important literary work. The most important feature of this book is that its story is the true story of our society. You will find the character of the disabled child in this story common in society.

Story/Summary of the Novel:

The story of the novel is about a widow and her disabled son Adil. Apart from being physically disabled, Adil is also an asthmatic. His mother wants her son to get well and go to school regularly and get a higher education to live a normal life.

Adil’s mother is a school teacher and she is struggling hard to bring her son back to a normal life. She is very distressed because of her son’s illness and disability. She and her son are going through a very painful situation.

Pahari Ka Qaidi Novel by Nimra Ahmad:

She is spending all her salary on her son’s treatment and sometimes she has to take a loan to pay for her son’s medical expenses. But she loves her son very much and will do anything for him. Always ready to make financial sacrifices.

In the story of the novel, Nimra wants to tell us what sacrifices a mother can make for the sake of her child. Also, in the story of the novel, those people in our society are identified who deserve our attention and our social, financial, support. We must support such people to return to normal life.

Introduction of the author of the novel:

Nimra Ahmed is a famous Urdu female novelist of Pakistan who has written very high-quality social romantic novels for Urdu literature. She belongs to Bhakkar City in the Punjab province of Pakistan. Nimra received her early education from educational institutions in Bhakkar City.

Later she passed the matriculation examination from the high school in the city. She passed her BA exam with top marks from Girls Degree College, Bhakkar. After graduation; Nimra Ahmed came to Lahore from Government College University, Lahore;

She passed the MA English Literature exam with first division. Nimra started her writing career while pursuing education. Her novels have received much acclaim. She mostly writes novels for Urdu digests which are published as episodes.

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