Pak Mehram Novel by Farah Jalal

Book Name: Pak Mehram

The Writer: Farah Jalal

Introduction of the Novel:

Pak Mehram is a high-quality Urdu romantic novel written by young Urdu novelist Farah Jalal. This novel story has gained a lot of popularity in recent times. It is a love story of a young girl whose fiance dies in an accident. She had many dreams to make this young man her life partner. But fate did not approve and thus their love story could not reach its completion.

Story / Summary of the Novel:

The story of the novel is a wonderful combination of romance, grief, thrill, and action. The main character of the story of the novel is a girl Shafaq. She is a very good-looking and highly educated girl.

Her parents arranged her engagement to her cousin Arsalan. Unfortunately, Arsalan died in a road accident. The death of her fiancé deeply traumatized Shafaq and feels that her life is pointless.

Her parents have been trying to console her but she is yet to return to a normal life. Unfortunately, his family members begin to think of him as evil and hold him responsible for Arsalan’s death. He is further disturbed and saddened by the taunts of his people. She does not understand what she should do to take care of herself. Shafaq’s father Shah Mir has proposed. she engages Wahab who is Shah Mir’s nephew in a relationship.

Shafaq thinks this proposal is reasonable but she thinks that now is not the right time to get engaged as Arsalan passed away a few days ago. Wahab is the son of Shafaq’s uncle and is a very sophisticated person. He has a well-paid job in a private institution.

Pak Mehram Novel by Farah Jalal PDF:

This is the reason to engage. Wahab’s mother is a kind and understanding woman who treats Shafaq very lovingly. Shafaq is going to be engaged to a young man who has high qualities and is her close relative.

But despite everything being good, he feels that his family members are considering him as a burden and want to marry him off as soon as possible. The story of the novel is so charming and inspiring. Its story influenced a reader.

If you are fond of reading this type of social romantic novel, then you will like this novel book. The author of the novel has told in her story that many love stories left unfinished. many times it happens that beautiful dreams are left incomplete.

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Pak Mehram Novel by Farah Jalal:

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