Palkon Pe Chamakte Ansoo Novel by Sadia Abid PDF

Book Name: Palkon Pe Chamakte Ansoo

The Writer: Sadia Abid

Introduction of the Novel:

Palkon Pe Chamakte Ansoo is a high-quality and wonderful novel written by Sadia Abid. It is a complete social romantic story that is loved by the readers of Urdu literature. The story of the novel is the love story of an innocent and serious girl. She is very simple-minded, so be deceived in love with her.

The story of this beautiful novel by Sadia Abid is very inspiring and interesting. This novel was published two years ago in a local Urdu magazine. Due to the popularity of the readers, this novel is also available in the form of a book. Due to the unique writing style of the author and the quality story, her writings have been greatly appreciated by the lovers of Urdu literature.

The author has written more than a dozen novels so far and most of them are romantic novels. Readers say that the stories of Sadia’s novels are very common sense and reflect the social issues of our society. The main character of the story of the novel is a girl named Afif.

Palkon Pe Chamakte Ansoo Novel by Sadia Abid:

She is a bright student and recently passed her intermediate exam with very high marks. She has now been admitted to a law college to study law and she wants to get a higher education. After completing her law education she wants to become a qualified and professional lawyer.

Her parents are dissuading her from pursuing further education and adopting the profession of lawyer. Determined to pursue his dreams despite his parents’ opposition to studying law and preventing him from joining the legal profession. She is enrolled in a law college’s law degree program.

She has befriended a classmate boy and is planning to marry him. His parents are very upset and angry after getting the news of this matter. They strictly forbid him from going to college. But despite their opposition, she is firm on her decision.

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