Paras Novel by Nimra Ahmad

 Book Name: Paras

The Writer: Nimra Ahmed

Introduction of the Novel:

Paras is an important and beautiful novel in the Urdu language and literature. The author of this novel is Nimra Ahmed, a well-known female novelist of the Urdu language. This is a digest serial novel that is very much liked by the readers.

This novel is now also available to readers in book form. Nimra has written many social romance novels, some of which have gained unprecedented popularity. The novel under comment is also one of the most popular novels by Nimra Ahmed.

Readers of Urdu literature consider Paras’s novel as his most important literary work. The main character of the story in this novel is a girl whose mother has died and she is living with her stepmother and stepbrother. Her stepmother is a cruel and harlot woman who treats the girl very badly.

Paras Novel Summary:

The story of this novel is about an oppressed girl named Pars. Paras’s mother died when he was a child. Her father is remarried with whom she has a son. Paras’s stepmother is a wicked and greedy woman and has illicit relations with debauchery and wicked men.

In her greed for wealth, she wants to marry Pars to a rich old man so that she can get huge wealth. Paras’s stepmother is friends with an old man named Rizwan. Rizwan is a married and elderly man with young children. He is looking for a good-looking young girl for his second marriage.

Paras is a beautiful and educated girl, so Rizwan convinces her stepmother to forcefully marry her. Rizwan knows that Almas’ stepmother is a greedy woman so he promises her a huge sum of money. Paris does not like the old man and is not at all happy with his decision to marry her.

Paras Novel by Nimra Ahmad Online Reading:

 She is forced to accept her stepmother’s decision. It is a fact that Rizwan is marrying Almas only for the sake of luxury. It is confirmed that after some time he divorces her and marries another girl. Finally, Almas’ mother marries him to Rizwan. Almas’ father remains silent despite knowing everything.

After some time of marriage, Rizwan dies in a car accident. Now Almas is left alone in this world. After the death of Almas’ husband, her in-laws accuse her of murdering her husband. They say that Almas herself caused her husband to have an accident in order to become the sole heir to his wealth.

In the story of this novel, the author has told us how rich people use poor people as toys. It has also been told how the parents marry their children in the greed of wealth. These marriages are not successful and generally cause mischief in society.

Introduction of the author of the novel:

Nimra Ahmed is a famous Urdu female novelist of Pakistan who has written very high-quality social romantic novels for Urdu literature. She belongs to Bhakkar city in the Punjab province of Pakistan. Nimra received her early education from educational institutions in Bhakkar city.

Later she passed the matriculation examination from the high school in the city. The writer passed her BA exam with top marks from Girls Degree College, Bhakkar. After graduation; Nimra Ahmed came to Lahore from Government College University, Lahore;

She passed the MA English Literature exam with first division. Nimra started her writing career while pursuing education. Her novels have received much acclaim. She mostly writes novels for Urdu digests which are published as episodes.

Nimra Ahmed’s most popular novels:

  • Mala
  • Zameen Sakin thi
  • Mushaf
  • Jannat Ke Pattay
  • Paras
  • Namal
  • Karakoram Ka Taj Mahal
  • Pahari Ka Kaidi
  • Mairay Khawab Mairay Jugnu
  • Hallim

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