Parsa Complete Novel by Hiba Tehreem

Book Name: Parsa

The Writer: Hiba Tehreem

Introduction of the Novel:

Parsa is an excellent and super hit romantic Urdu novel written by young Urdu novelist Hiba Tahreem. The under-commentary novel is a masterpiece book by the writer.  It is a life story of girls who have to struggle for a long time to convince their lovers of their loyalty, love, and sincerity.

Even his whole life is spent. In recent times this novel book has set records of popularity. Readers of Urdu literature have praised the masterpiece novel of Hiba Tahreem generously. They appreciated the writing style of the writer of the novel Hiba Tehreem.

Summary / Story of the Novel:

The main character of this novel story is a young girl who is graduating from a major university in the city in the subject of information technology. She wants to become a highly professional IT manager in the future and for this purpose, she is giving full attention to her studies.

She is an intelligent and hardworking student who has shown very high performance in matric and intermediate classes. All the students in his class recognize his intelligence and ability and respect him greatly. A student in her class has a crush on her and is getting close to befriend her.

Parsa Novel by Hiba Tehreem:

However, the young man has not been given a lift by the student and is concentrating all his attention on his studies. However, after being impressed by the girl’s classmate student’s sincerity, love, and morals, she eventually becomes his friend.

After about six months of friendship, their friendship turned into romance. Now both of them have decided to get married while studying. The boy and the girl have got married with the consent of their parents and both of them are very happy with this decision and are living a contented life.

At first, things were going well between them, but in the last two months, differences have started between them due to which the girl is very upset. The reason for the differences between them is that the girl wants to complete her graduation and get a job as an IT manager.

Her husband refuses to allow her to complete her education and get a job. Matters in between have reached the point of no return.

Author, s Introduction:

Hiba Tehreem is a newcomer in the field of Urdu novel writing. However, she has been introduced to the field of novel writing after creating a few novels. She is currently a college student and is also pursuing her passion for novel writing. Like other young novelists, she also writes romance novels. His novels are published as episodes in various magazines and websites.۔

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Parsa Complete Novel by Hiba Tehreem:

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