Parwaz Novel by Tahir Javed Mughal

 Book Name: Parwaz

The Writer: Tahir Javeed Mughal

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Parwaz is a standard and beautiful novel of Urdu literature. The author of this novel is the well-known novelist Tahir Javed Mughal. This book is one of his most important and popular books.

It is a social and romantic Urdu novel that consists of a single volume. This book has a total of nine hundred pages and is available in the market with a hardcover. This novel is considered to be Tahir’s major literary work.

Story / Summary of the Novel:

Shah Khawar is a young man in this Urdu novel. Shah Khawar is a man who is working in a local industrial enterprise. His family consists of few people and lives a life of contentment and peace.

One day, Shah Khawar was returning home after completing his job duties when he saw two men torturing a young man. The young man was constantly screaming and calling people for help but no one was willing to help him.

Shah Khawar felt sorry for the young man and thought that I should help him no matter what the consequences. He freed the young man from the grip of the two torturers and took him to a doctor for first aid.

Parwaz Novel by Tahir Javed Mughal Pdf:

The compassion and philanthropy of young Shah Khawar impressed his owner. Shah was employed in a very good position. He recommended Shah Khawar to his boss and got him hired. This rich man has a huge family and he has many servants in his house.

During their employment, Shah Khawar was assigned the duty to perform the necessary tasks as per the orders of the housewives. During their duty at home, one of these girls was very frank with Shah Khawar and gradually she became Shah Khawar’s friend.

After some time, their relationship turned into love. Now they both wish to get married and become life partners but the problem is that Shah Khawar belongs to a poor family and the girl’s parents are not ready to accept him.

They want to marry her to an educated boy from a rich family. Because of this, Shah Khawar and his girlfriend see their dream palace collapse. They are both very sad and worried.

Author’s Introduction:

Tahir Javed Mughal is a well-known Urdu language novelist, playwright, and story writer. The writer belongs to the city of Lahore in Punjab. He was born in the Iqbal Town area of Lahore city in September 1955. The author received his primary education from various educational institutions in Lahore.

He graduated from Islamia College Lahore in 1974. Tahir writes novels for various monthly digests. He is also the author of several dramas which are among the popular dramas on Pakistan Television. Tahir has written several memorable novels for Jasoosi Digest and Suspense Digest. He started his career as a novelist during his studies.

Important Literary Works of Tahir Javed:

  1. Lalkar
  2. Tawan
  3. Devi
  4. Raat Ka Musafir
  5. Andhi
  6. Faisala
  7. Parvaz
  8. Parastash

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