Patras Ke Mazameen by Patras Bukhari

Book Name: Patras Ke Mazameen

The Writer: Patras Bukhari

Introduction of the Novel:

The Essays of Patras is a popular book of humorous short stories by Patras Bukhari. Patras Bukhari is the most popular humorist of Urdu language and his name needs no introduction. His only book on humor is very popular among readers of the Urdu language.

Many short stories and essays in this book in schools and colleges. The book’s main subject, hostel living, is included in the matriculation curriculum and is very popular among students. There are a total of eleven articles in the book which are written in a very humorous style.

The best feature of the book is that it will put a smile on your face while reading it. Humor writing is a very difficult task but Patras has mastered this difficult task. The work is very well done. All the characters described in the book are fictitious and Patras has created these characters just for fun.  

Patras Bukhari PDF Book:

His essays, Study in Hostel, especially Geography of Lahore are very popular among people.  Patras Bukhari’s full name was Syed Ahmad Shah Bukhari and he was commonly called Patras. Patras Bukhari was not only a writer and humorist, but he was an able teacher at Government College Lahore, intelligent and popular.

He was a very genius man and was a diplomat representing Pakistan at the United Nations. Patras played a great role in introducing Pakistan to the international community. He was also associated with Radio Pakistan for a long time and continued to benefit the people of Pakistan with his knowledge.

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