Professor Shah Romantic Novel by Zanoor Writes

Book Name: Professor Shah

The Writer: Zanoor Writes

Introduction of the Novel:

Professor Shah is the most popular and super hit Urdu novel by Zanoor Writes. The story of the novel is about a college teacher and a student girl. In the beginning, there was a fight between them and they started hating each other very much but later they reconciled and developed a friendly relationship.

The story is very beautiful and attractive in which the college location and hostel scenes are shown. This novel is one of the most popular novels of Zanur. Young readers especially college girls have expressed their love for this novel. The main characters of the story of the novel are Professor Shahzeb and Afraha.

Professor Shahzeb is a man of stubborn and angry nature. He has got a new posting in college and today is his first lecture in class. Afraha is a student of her class and on entering the college, Afarha has a fight with her teacher Professor Shah. Afarha did not know that these new arrivals were her class teachers.

While walking on the college lawn, Afarha collided with Professor Shah, which caused the professor’s mobile phone to fall down and break. Professor Shah has demanded payment of compensation from Afraha for breaking the mobile phone. Afarha refuses to pay the compensation and has quarreled with him several times.

Professor Shah Novel by Zanoor Writes pdf:

The professor is also frustrated with his stubbornness and Afarha also works on a plan to bring down the arrogant teacher. Afraha’s friend Barira also helps her in this evil plan. Professor Shah is addicted to taking drugs due to which he is angry all the time and is very strict with the students.

At the end of the story of the novel, Professor Shah and Afraha reconcile and they start living as friends. Later, their friendship turns into a love story and they are planning to get married in the near future. All the students in the class are surprised that Professor Shah and Afraha hated each other and it was impossible for them to be friends.

How did they become friends with each other and how did the romance period begin between them? In the story of this novel, the author of the novel, Zanoor Wrights, has told us that sometimes the enmity between characters who hate each other turns into love.

Sometimes even people who fight with each other become friendly after years of enmity. People who control their anger get rid of hatred and their hearts become soft. Very few novelists have written stories on the subject of teacher-student love. The uniqueness of Zanwar Rites is that he has written several stories on this subject. Hope you will like the story of this novel.

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