Pul Sirat e Mohabbat Novel by Bushra Masroor PDF

Book Name: Pul Sirat e Mohabbat

The Writer: Bushra Masroor

Introduction of the Novel:

Pul Sirat e Mohabbat is a social romantic Urdu novel written by new Urdu novelist Bushra Masroor. A digest in Karachi published this novel for the first time. The story of this novel deals with the problems of married life and Social issues are highlighted.

The story of this novel compares the life of a young girl before marriage and her life after marriage. The girl was the only and lovely daughter of her parents.

After getting married, this girl faced many social problems. Her husband is a narrow-minded, rude, and stubborn person. He abuses his wife a lot and taunts her from past life for small things.

Story/Summary of the Novel:

The story of this novel is about a young girl Azmatul-Nisa. She is a gentle and modest girl who was brought up by her parents in a very religious and unconventional manner. Azmat al-Nisa has received professional education in the subject of fine arts.

Literally, she wants to become a fine arts teacher in the future. Azmat ul Nisa has shown great performance in her academic career. She has always been the first position holder in her class in her school and college life.

Her parents want her to fulfill the duty of their daughter’s marriage soon after completing her education. Azmat’s parents have engaged her to Taimur who is a very good and educated boy.

He has a business of importing mobile phones and earns a good monthly income. Due to this, his family is considered to be a prosperous family. This is the reason why Azmat al-Nisa’s parents did not hesitate to get their daughter engaged to Taimur.

Pul Sirat e Mohabbat Novel by Bushra Masroor:

After some time, Taimur and Azmat al-Nisa got married. The couple seemed very happy after the wedding and things were going in the right direction. After a few months of marriage, Timur’s behavior suddenly changed and he started quarreling with Azmat.

Azmat al-Nisa had absolutely no idea that Timur was a narrow-minded and mean-spirited person. He started quarreling with his wife over small things. Taimur used to taunt his wife about her past events, and the financial situation of the family, which led to deep differences between husband and wife.

Due to daily fights, things between them lead to separation. The author of the story of the novel tells us that inappropriate and negative attitudes cause the break of the relationship. Sometimes the man is responsible for the break of the relationship. And sometimes it’s a woman.

Introduction of the writer of the book:

Bushra Masroor is a new Urdu language novelist. She holds a very important position among young women writers. Several of her Urdu novels are considered superhit novels

These novels include Suhagan, Pul Sirat Mohabbat, and Chand Nazar Agya. Fans of Urdu literature consider Bushra’s novels as an asset of Urdu literature.

Bushra Masroor Novels List:

  1. Suhagan
  2. Chand Nazar A gaya
  3. Sahil Ki Tamannah Kon karay
  4. Pul Sirat e Ishq
  5. Junoon e Dil
  6. Abar Barsay tu

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Pul Sirat e Mohabbat Novel by Bushra Masroor PDF:

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