Qaid e Tanhai Novel by Umera Ahmad PDF

Book Name: Qaid e Tanhai

The Writer: Umera Ahmed

Introduction to the Book:

Qaid e Tanhai is an excellent and super hit Urdu novel written by Umira Ahmed. The characters in the story of the novel are very high and inspiring. Due to the extraordinary popularity of the novel, a well-known television channel in Pakistan has also made a drama serial based on its story, which has gained a lot of popularity.

This drama serial is considered among the most popular dramas of Umira. The main characters of the story of the novel are a boy and a girl named Mueez and Ayesha. These two love each other very much. Moeez wants to marry Ayesha but Ayesha’s parents are not willing to marry her with Moeez.

Ayesha’s mother makes a condition for her daughter’s marriage with Mueez that if Mueez’s sister is married to Ayesha’s brother, then Ayesha’s relationship will also be final. Six months after Moeez’s marriage, his family faces financial problems and he leaves the country for employment.

Novel Summary:

Mueez’s wife is very anxious and worried after going abroad and eagerly waits for her husband. She repeatedly asks Mueez to return but he refuses. Actually, Moeez has befriended a girl during his stay in England and he spends most of his time with her.

This girl’s name is Anila and she has a close friendship with Moeez. His love has made Moeez forget his wife’s love. Mueez spends many years working in England. Now he intends to go back to his country Pakistan. He goes to his home in Pakistan with Anila.

Coming back to his home, he is shocked to hear the news that his wife Ayesha is having an affair with Jawad. Mueez’s mother confirms this matter. Moeez tells Anila that he has divorced his wife Ayesha and he wants to marry her. Anila agrees and they both get married.

Ayesha moves to her parent’s house where she has a fight with her sister-in-law. Her sister-in-law abuses her and tortures her. Does Moeez divorce Ayesha? Will Anila and Mueez’s marriage succeed? To know all these details, read the story of the novel completely. Overall, it is a social and romantic Urdu novel with many characters.

Author’s Introduction:

Umera Ahmed is a famous Pakistani novelist of Urdu literature. She mostly writes novels related to social and women’s issues. In addition, she has also written many novels related to spirituality and Islamism. Umera Ahmed belongs to Gujranwala city of Punjab province of Pakistan.

She received her primary education in her hometown Gujranwala. Later she moved to Sialkot for her higher education. There she obtained her graduation degree from Murray College Sialkot. After that, she came to Lahore and got admission to Government College University.

She obtained his master’s degree in English language and literature from this university. Umera Ahmed started writing at an early age. For a long time, his novels were published in the form of episodes in digests published from Lahore. She has written more than fifty books so far.

Her romantic novels are very popular among readers. The novel Peer e Kamil written by him is his most popular romantic and spiritual novel. Several editions of his books have been published. Some of his books have been declared as best-selling books of the year.

Following is the list of famous novels of Umira Ahmed.

Umera Ahmad Romantic Novels List:

  • Peer e Kamil
  • Dana pani
  • Man o Salwa
  • Aab e Hayat
  • Qaid e Tanhai
  • Alaf
  • Akas
  • Kankar

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