Qalandar Zaat Novel by Amjad Javed PDF

Book Name: Qalandar Zaat

The Writer: Amjad Javed

Introduction of the Novel:

Qalandar Zaat is an excellent socio-romantic Urdu novel authored by Amjad, a well-known Urdu novelist. The Novel story was published in a local Urdu digest in 2004. After some years this novel story was published in book form from Lahore city.

Summary / Story of the Novel:

This is the story of a young man who belongs to a rich family. He was brought up in a very luxurious manner. Being a child of a rich family, he is living a life of luxury. Suddenly, he falls in love with a young girl; he gets attracted to virtual love.

Later, this love of his beloved leads him to real love and Sufism. A young boy is living a perfect life when suddenly he falls in love with a beautiful girl. The girl was very beautiful and decent. The beauty of this beautiful girl attracted him.

A young boy is ready to do anything and make any kind of sacrifice to get his love. He offers this girl marriage and promises to provide all the necessities of life. But the girl refuses to marry him. Due to the girl’s negative response, he is very hurt and worried.

Qalandar Zaat Novel by Amjad Javed:

He even tries to force and pressure her to agree to marry him but could not solve the problem. Amjad Javeed decides that he should leave worldly life and turn to spirituality and Sufism because suffering is only in worldly life.

So he leaves his home and moves away from the city where he meets various dervishes and Sufis and learns from them about spirituality and Sufism. The writer studies many books related to Sufism and concludes that the path to Allah is only through Sufism.

He always engages in Divine and Ibadat. Also, engaged in posthumous prayers. After joining the path of spirituality, he is very happy with his present life. He thinks that he has found the right path by turning to spirituality.

Introduction of the writer of the book:

Amjad Javed is a senior novelist of Urdu language and literature. The number of novels created by him is more than twenty. Several novels written by him have received extraordinary fame. Amjad has written mostly action-adventure novels. However, he has also written a few romantic novels and has received appreciation from the readers.

Like other novelists, Amjad started his career as a novelist by writing novels for the monthly Urdu Digests. He was interested in writing Urdu novels from an early age. Many of his novels have been published in academic and literary magazines published in Karachi and Lahore. His following novels have been very popular among the readers.

 Amjad Javaid Novels List:

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  2. Saiban Suraj ka
  3. Amrat kaur
  4. Khanjar Bakaf
  5. Taj Mahal
  6. Faiz e Ishq
  7. Zaat ka karz
  8. Roshan Andheray
  9. Ishq Fana hay Ishq Baqa

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