Qalmi Mohabbat Novel by Tahir Javed Mughal

Book Name: Qalmi Mohabbat

The Writer:  Tahir Javaid

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Qalmi Mohabbat is a romantic and social Urdu novel written by the famous Urdu novelist Tahir Javed Mughal. This story is about a Pakistani youth who sent a letter to an acquaintance in a neighboring enemy country, but the letter mistakenly reached a boy.

Thus, this girl got in touch with the Pakistani young man through a letter. This girl started sending letters to the Pakistani young man. The Pakistani youth kept sending him replies to letters. Gradually this relationship turned into a friendship, then as things progressed, it turned into a romantic relationship.

Because of this pen love story of both, the name of this novel book is also suggested, Pen Love. This Urdu novel was previously published in the form of episodes in Monthly Shuaa Digest. Now this novel is available in the market as a complete book. This is one of the most popular and super hit novels of Tahir Javed.

Story/Summary of the Novel:

This novel story contains the love story of a Pakistani young man with an Indian girl. This young man had sent a letter to one of his relatives in India. This letter accidentally fell into the hands of an Indian girl. The girl sent a reply letter to the Pakistani boy and expressed her love for him. Thus, a series of correspondences started between the two of them.

The Indian girl kept sending letters and the young man from Pakistan kept sending her letters back. In this way, a relationship of love was formed between them.

The girl asked the Pakistani guy to come to India so that he could marry her. But this task is very difficult for a young person. One reason is that he does not have money for expenses and the other reason is that his journey in an enemy country is not free of dangers.

Qalmi Mohabbat Novel by Tahir Javed Mughal Pdf:

By going to an enemy country, he can be arrested by the Indian intelligence agencies and sent to jail. He has planned to go to India several times to meet his beloved, but he could not carry out the plan due to the dangers, and financial problems.

His beloved sent letters to him, again and again, to come to India. He didn’t know what to do. Finally; he decided that he would go to his beloved in India anyway and prepare himself to make every sacrifice to get his love. He applied for a visa to India, Got the passport and completed other legal documents, and left for India. He is very happy that today he is going to the land of his dream princess to marry her.

As soon as he reached India, he was arrested by the Indian intelligence agency. He wonders what crime he has committed and he is being arrested by secret agency officers. The next day, the news appeared in the Indian press that an officer of Pakistan’s intelligence agency had been arrested by Indian intelligence agency officials.

It is a romantic and action-adventure novel in the Urdu language that has received great acclaim. The story of this novel is very good, and the characters are very lively. If you have been reading such novels before then you will definitely like this novel.

Author’s Introduction:

Tahir Javed Mughal is a well-known Urdu language novelist, playwright, and story writer. The author belongs to the city of Lahore in Punjab. He was born in the Iqbal Town area of Lahore city in September 1955. The Writer received his primary education from various educational institutions in Lahore.

He graduated from Islamic College Lahore in 1974. Tahir writes novels for various monthly digests. He is also the author of several dramas which are among the popular dramas on Pakistan Television. Tahir has written several memorable novels for Jasoosi Digest and Suspense Digest. Tahir started his career as a novelist during his studies.

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