Qurbat e Hijar Mein Mohabbat by Nida Husnain

Book Name: Qurbat e Hijar Mein Mohabbat

The Writer: Nida Husnain

Qurbat e Hijar Mein Mohabbat is a beautiful Urdu novel that has gained a lot of fame. The author of this Urdu novel is the well-known female novelist Nida Husnain. It is a story of two loving hearts that make every sacrifice to find their love. Commitment is made.

This boy and girl both love each other very much and want to be life partners in the future. This is a social and romantic urdu novel. A local digest published it in episode form. Now this novel published in the form of a book.

Story/Summary of the Novel:

The main characters of the story of this novel are a boy and a girl whose names are Shafauddin and Momi. They study in the local college and study in the same class. Shafauddin and Momi are students of FSC Pre-Medical and aspire to become doctors in the future. They are close friends and spend most of their time together.

After completing FSC, both of them decided to get married. Their parents got them married as per their wishes. Initially, they had a good time but soon differences arose between them. Fights became common between them soon after their marriage. Their parents worried.

Their love story is currently heading toward a painful end as both of them are not ready to be flexible in their attitude. Shafauddin’s attitude is very selfish. He treats Momi the same way he treats his employees.

Qurbat e Hijar Mein Mohabbat episode 19:

Momi is trying hard not to break their relationship, so she remains silent despite her husband’s fights. She has not yet informed her parents about the differences with her husband. The differences between the two have escalated to such an extent that it seems that divorce is certain between them. Momi, however, is still hopeful of settling matters.

Author’s Introduction:

Nida Hasnain is a famous female Urdu novelist. She has written many social and romantic Urdu novels. These novels have been loved by Urdu literature lovers. Her novels include Kurbat e Hijr Mein Mohabbaten, Ishq Nagar ke Musafir, etc. Nida’s style of narration is very charming, due to which the stories of her novels are very attractive and popular. She mostly writes novels for digests. Dozens of his novels have been published in book form.

Super Hit Novels of Nida Husnain:

  • Ishq Nagar Ke Musafir
  • Sonehri Moqa
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  • Qurbat e Hijar Main Mohabbat

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