Rag E Jaan Romantic Novel by Mahnoor Shahzad

Book Name: Rag E Jaan

The Writer: Mahnoor Shahzad

Introduction of the Novel:

Rag e Jaan is a beautiful romantic novel by the unique Urdu novelist Mahnoor Shahzad. This novel has been published in the form of episodes in a local Urdu digest. The story of the novel is about the mutual love between a boy and a girl.

 They wish to marry each other but their families are opposing their marriage. Both families are bound by ancient traditions and customs and consider it a sin to abandon these traditions. Shah Dhar and Daria are the two main characters in the story of this novel.

Rag E Jaan Novel by Mahnoor Shahzad PDF:

Both boys and girls belong to conservative families and both families consider love marriage as a great crime. If any of these boys or girls rebel against the family traditions and get married of their choice, they are socially boycotted. In these circumstances, Shahzar and Daria fall in love with each other and they are trying hard to fulfill their love story.

 The families of both the boy and the girl have boycotted them socially and their lives have been made difficult. The novel’s author tells us the tragic situations the travelers face on the path of love. Even those on this path sometimes have to lose their lives.

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Rag E Jaan Romantic Novel by Mahnoor Shahzad:

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