Rahmatul lil Alamin by Suleman Mansoor Puri Pdf

Book Name: Rahmatul lil Alamin

The Writer: Suleman Mansoor Puri

Introduction to the Book:

Rahmatul lil Alamin by Suleman Mansoor Puri Pdf Urdu Seerat Tayyaba Book by Qazi Suleman Mansoor Puri. This book is considered the best book in the Urdu language about the life history of the holy Prophet. The author of this wonderful book is the famous Indian scholar, historian, and writer, Qazi Sulaiman Mansoor Puri.

This is an authentic and standard life history in the Urdu language of the life of Rasool Kareem. At the beginning of the book, essential details related to the birth of the Holy Prophet, childhood events, important events of his youth, and preaching services for the religion are covered.

Many Islamic scholars have written many books related to the life history of the Holy Prophet. But the writing style of this book is different and unique.

Book Summary of Rahmat lil Alamin:

The first chapter of the book introduces the Holy Prophet’s family Banu Hashim, and the Quraysh tribe. After that, the birth of the Holy Prophet, the events during his upbringing in the house of Halima Saadia, and the important events of his youth are described in detail.

In the next chapters, the events of the battles of the Holy Prophet with the infidels, Badr Battle, the Battle of Uhud, and the Battle of Ahzab have been described.

The first volume of the book describes of the important events in the Makkah and Madani life of the Holy Prophet. In addition, you can see the following important topics in the book.

  • Visit of Holy Prophet to spread religion in Taif city
  • Samples of letters to Caesar Rome, Kasra Iran, and Moqoqs king for the invitation to Islam
  • Major Events of the Conquest of Makkah
  • Battle of Khyber
  • Important Points of Hajj Farewell Sermon
  • Establishment of Madinah state
  • Passing away of Holy Prophet
  • Establishment of the institution of Khilafat Rashida

The third and last volume of the book discusses the important points of the last sermon of the Holy Prophet. His sermon is a charter of human rights for mankind.

The States Matter:

Also, the characteristics of Madinah State are discussed in detail. Madinah State was the unique state established in the world which came into being only after a few years of struggle. This state shook the gates and walls of Caesar and Kasra.

By following the important principles of justice and equality, Muslims brought the Arab-Islamic world to the ranks of the wise rulers of the world.

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Introduction of Qazi Sulaiman Mansoor Puri:

Qazi Suleman Mansoor Puri was an eminent Indian Muslim scholar, and writer. He belonged to the Indian state of Bhopal. He received his primary education from different schools. Later he obtained his graduation degree from Jamia Millia University Hyderabad State India.

He was very fond of researching and writing about the life history of the Holy Prophet. The Writer was a master of ancient and modern sciences and he wrote many books related to various Islamic sciences. He also studied at Aligarh University to acquire modern sciences.

The author understood the need and importance of Hadith knowledge and wrote many books on this subject. His important book on Sirat Tayyaba, Rahmatul Ullamin, consists of three volumes. This book is very popular among the Urdu-speaking community of India and Bangladesh.

Apart from this, this book of Sirat al-Nabi is also included in the syllabus of Islamic Studies of various universities. Qazi Sahib belonged to the Ahl al-Hadith school of thought of Muslims. But his circle of friends included the Ulama and Mashaykhs of all schools of thought.

Scholars of all schools of thought have highly appreciated his research work. The language of the Book of Mercy is simple and easy to understand. Even a less educated person who knows a little Urdu language can read the book well.

Author of the book:

For the authorship of the book, Qazi Sulaiman has also copied passages from the holy books of other religions. Among them, the Bible is a remarkable book; most of the passages of this book have been quoted in this book of biography.

Muslim scholars have expressed disapproval of Qazi Sulaiman’s approach to copying passages from the Bible. Scholars say that the Bible has undergone many changes in different periods, so its passages are not at all reliable and authentic.

These references should be avoided. For authentic references, one should refer to the books of ancient Muslim scholars. However, despite all the flaws, this is the best book in the Urdu language on the life history of the Holy Prophet.

Qazi Sahib, besides being a writer, scholar, and teacher, also worked as a judge in the state of Bhopal. He worked as a Sessions Judge for many years. Details of his other books are not available.

There are many books of his that have not been published yet. However, manuscripts of these books are available in various libraries in India.

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