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Book Name: Raja Gidh

The Writer: Bano Qudsia

Introduction to the Book:

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Raja Gidh  Novel by Bano Qudsia Pdf download is a very famous and most-read novel in the Urdu language and literature. The author of this novel is Bano Qudsia, a famous woman short story writer and novelist of Urdu literature. This is a classic novel of Urdu literature that still maintains its popularity despite the passage of so many years.

Bano Qudsia wrote this novel in her youth. What was written? The popularity of this novel has not decreased yet. So far, many editions of this beautiful novel have been sold out of print. It is considered to be the most important literary work of Bano Qudsia for Urdu language and literature.

Punjab University Lahore and Urdu University Karachi included this novel in the syllabus of the MA and MPhil. Bano Qudsia wrote short stories and novels. History without Urdu literature is certainly incomplete.

Raja Gidh’s novel has been translated into English and many other languages as well. Its artistic quality has been greatly appreciated by readers from other countries.

Raja Gidh, Novel Summary:

Qayyum, a young man is the main character of the story of this novel. Qayyum is a simple and plump young man. He is pursuing higher education in law from a bad private university in the city.

Along with him, his classmate girl Sammy is also pursuing higher studies in law. Sammy and Qayyum often meet during their studies. With the passage of time, their relationship turns into friendship. Qayyum and Sammy’s families know each other well.

So Sammy and Qayyum often share their personal matters and issues with each other. Suddenly Qayyum starts to take more interest in Sammy. Sammy also feels that she is more romantic with him. Started doing.

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Qayyum falls in love with Sammy so he wants to get engaged to her. But Sammy likes another classmate of hers. So she doesn’t pay any attention to Qayyum’s words of love and ignores him. She has stopped dating Qayyum and spends most of her time with her classmate.

Rajagadh is basically a romantic novel whose charm has not faded even after many years. Did Qayoom succeed in getting his love or did he face failure? Did Sammy marry his classmate or did he marry Qayyum? To know the answer to these questions, read this novel completely.

Author’s Introduction:

Bano Qudsia was a prominent Urdu literature, short story writer, dramatist, and novelist. She was born on November 28, 1928, in Ferozepur, Indian Punjab. Bano received her primary education from Ferozepur. After that, she came to Lahore for higher education.

She obtained BA and MA Urdu degrees from Government College. Bano Qudsia started writing short stories during her studies. Her short stories and novels are extremely popular among the young generation. After the creation of Pakistan, she settled permanently in Lahore.

In 1983, the Government of Pakistan awarded Bano Qudsia with the Star of Distinction for her literary services. Apart from this, he was awarded the best dramatist and storyteller by Pakistan Television. Bano Qudsia passed away in 2017 in the city of Lahore.

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