Raqs e Bismil  Novel by Nabeela Aziz PDF

Book Name: Raqs e Bismil

The Writer: Nabila Aziz

Introduction of the Novel:

Raqs e Bismil is a high-quality romantic novel written by Nabila Aziz. It is a digest serial novel whose episodes are published every month in each local magazine. This novel is one of the super hit novels of Nabila.

Due to the extraordinary popularity of this novel, a Pakistani TV channel has made a drama serial on its story. The story of this novel tells how the power of love changes a man’s life. This novel was first published in 2013.

Due to the phenomenal popularity of the novel, it has now been published as a hardcover book. Several editions of this book have been published and its popularity has not waned to date.

Raqs e Bismil Novel by Nabeela Aziz free download:

The main character of this novel is a girl Farah. She is in love with a boy Afaq and wants to marry him. Two years ago Farah got engaged to him. Afaq’s attitude changed after that and he started ignoring Farah. Farah is deeply hurt by his arrogant attitude.

Farah has been loving and trusting Afaq very much. She never expected that he was such a mean and selfish person and could betray her at any time. Due to the differences between the two, the relationship between them has come close to ending.

Afaq has developed a friendly relationship with another girl and he is going to marry her soon. In the story of this novel, the writer tells us how people lose their true love due to greed and selfishness.

Also, decisions made due to greed sometimes lead to lifelong regrets. The story of the novel consists of more than four hundred pages and its story has two parts.

Introduction of the writer of the book:

Nabeela Aziz is an intelligent and very popular novelist of the Urdu language. She has written several romantic novels so far. Nabila’s novels are simple and easy in Urdu language and read easily.

She is a graduate of Gujarat University and is well-known in the academic and literary circles of Punjab. Urdu literature experts call the novels written by Nabila masterpieces of Urdu literature. She is the favorite novelist of the young generation.

Her novels have gained great popularity among the students of colleges and universities. She mostly writes serial novels for monthly magazines published in Karachi. Many of her novels are hardcover books.

Pakistani TV channels have made drama serials based on the stories of many of his novels. He is included in the list of the most-read Urdu novelists by the young generation.

Nabila Aziz Novels List:

  • Jannat Do Qadam
  • Dar e Dil
  • Yeh Wajbat e Ishq
  • Raqs e Bismal
  • Rahat e Dil Hai Tu
  • Hisab e Dil Rehn e Do
  • Hisar e Mohabbat
  • Panah
  • Rahat e Dil
  • Main Sharmindah Hoon

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Raqs e Bismil Novel by Nabeela Aziz PDF:

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