Rogi Novel by Riffat Siraj PDF

Book Name: Rogi

The Writer: Rifaat Siraj

Introduction of the Novel:

Rogi is a high-quality and beautiful Urdu novel. The author of this novel is Rifaat Siraj, a well-known playwright, and novelist of Urdu language and literature. It is a social romantic story that highlights the lifestyle of young Pakistani boys and girls who were born abroad.

They do not know anything about Pakistani culture, customs, and traditions. This is a digest serial novel that is very much liked by lovers of Urdu literature. Rafat Siraj’s novels often contain social stories.

Riffat Siraj Novels:

These stories are a true reflection of our society, culture. Many of Rifat’s stories have been adapted into drama serials by Pakistani TV channels. These TV dramas are gaining a lot of popularity among the young generation.

Story/Summary of the Novel:

The main character of the story of this novel is a young and beautiful girl whose name is Sadia. Sadia loves the culture, traditions, and customs of Pakistan. She loves Pakistani culture very much.

Sadia is married to a Pakistani young man, Fahad, who lives in London, England. He is a modern guy who likes the culture of English society very much due to the liberality of English society. He is addicted to alcohol and has also joined a dance club.

Even after his marriage to Sadia, he has not changed himself and continues to follow the same habits. As Sadia has been brought up in the Pakistani culture, she strongly hates the English culture and asks Fahad to change her habits.

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While Fahad strongly hates the traditions of Pakistani culture and says that he is deeply hurt by the restrictive culture of Pakistan. He loves Sadia very much, but it is too much for Sadia to stop him from drinking alcohol in this way. He taunts Sadia for being a stereotyped and conservative girl.

The author of the novel informs us about the purity of Pakistani culture. She believes our culture is very positive and consists of good traditions from which the younger generation is less likely to be misled and corrupted.

The parental relationship is highly valued and respected in our culture. While there is no respect for parents in European society. Also, in this novel story, the author informs us about the bad effects of European society.

Introduction of the writer of the book:

Riffat Siraj is a well-known lady novelist of the Urdu language. Riffat is from Karachi, the largest city in Pakistan, and is a graduate of Karachi University. She has written dozens of Urdu social romantic novels so far. She mostly writes novels for Urdu digests published for women.

This is the reason why his novels are very popular among women. In her novels, she depicts the negative attitudes and atrocities against women. The general issues of women, forced marriage, dowry ritual, domestic violence against women, honor killings, etc.

She has written many novel stories. Her famous novels are now being sold as hardcover books as well. We have made a drama serial based on the stories of several novels by Riffat, which has become very popular.

Riffat Siraj Romantic Novels List:

  1. Diyar e Dil
  2. Amanat
  3. Rishton Ke Raisham
  4. Kastoori
  5. Dil abad
  6. Rogi
  7. Shehar e Yaran
  8. Dil Diya Dehlees
  9. Taier e Lahuti

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