Rooh e Yaram Novel by Areej Shah

Novel Name: Rooh e Yaram

The Writer: Areej Shah

Rooh e Yaram novel is a best quality and super hit Urdu romantic novel by well-known female novelist Areej Shah. The story of the novel is about a dangerous criminal and killer, who wants to give up his criminal life and marry a beautiful girl. This Urdu novel is a mixture of suspense, horror, and romance. The writer of the rooh e Yaram novel has made this book more attractive with her writing skill for the Urdu novel readers. The literature experts have declared this novel story the masterpiece of Urdu literature.

The girlfriend of the criminal is fully aware of the criminal background of this person and does not agree to marry him. She knows that he is a dangerous criminal who can kill her at any time without any reason. Rooh e Yaram’s novel is the story of a criminal who has decided to give up the criminal life and is ready to start his romantic life. This novel story consists of more than eight hundred pages and two volumes. Many editions of the rooh e Yaram novel have been published till now and it is considered a best-selling book of the year.

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The story of the rooh e Yaram novel begins with the romantic emotions of a criminal. This criminal has a love affair with a beautiful girl in the village. He assures to his beloved that, he will leave all criminal activities after marriage to her. A criminal loves her very much and wants to make her life partner. He promises to his beloved that, he will leave the criminal life after marriage. He will join a company to serve as an employee. The central character of the story of the rooh e Yaram novel Devil is residing in Dubai. He controls all the activities of his gang while living in Dubai.

Devil is a very clever criminal who carries out criminal activities that law enforcement agencies fail to catch him. In this part of rooh e Yaram’s novel, the writer explains the romantic changes in the life of the criminal devil. The life of the devil changes when he falls in love with a beautiful girl. This girl belongs to a farming family in the village.

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The story of the Rooh e Yaram novel is very charming and soul-touching. After leaving his criminal activities; he mostly consumes his time with her beloved. Then he thinks that life is very beautiful and we should lead our life in positive activities like romance. To know about the end of the romantic story of the devil, you should study the complete story of the rooh e Yaram novel.

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