Roothi Hai Khushi Romantic Novel by Maham Shoukat

Book Name: Roothi Hai Khushi

The Writer: Mahim Shaukat 

Introduction to the Book:

Roothi Hai Khushi Novel by Maham Shoukat is a social and romantic Urdu novel that has gained extraordinary popularity in recent times. The author of this beautiful novel is Mahim Shaukat, a famous novelist of romantic Urdu novels.

In this social novel, the social problems of women in our society are discussed. It is a short novel with about five hundred pages. The story of this novel is very strong and vivid and its characters are very inspiring.

Story/Summary of the Novel:

Vishma is a young girl. She is a highly educated girl who has obtained an MPhil degree from the government university of her city. Vishma has previously studied business administration subject.

She previously passed B.S. from a college in the local city. She wants to become a qualified university teacher in the future. Nowadays she is working as a lecturer in a private local college. Vishma’s fate wants to take her in a different direction while she is doing unique economic planning for her future.

She meets a young man named Kamil. Kamil is a well-educated and capable young man who has an MPhil degree in commerce from a local university. He is working with Vishma as a lecturer in college. He has a good working relationship with Vishma.

Roothi Hai Khushi Urdu Novel Pdf:

Vishma’s family is traditional people who are very opposed to women’s employment. That’s why they are doing a tough job of working as a lecturer at Vishma’s college. A young girl is deeply saddened by her parent’s and brothers’ opposition to her employment.

Her college colleague Kamil sympathizes with her and reassures her not to be heartbroken, everything will be normal after some days. Kamil and Vishma meanwhile become very close friends. Soon this friendship turns into love and Kamil proposes to her.

Vishma tells him that in our family matters of marriage and relationship are decided by parents. So she cannot willingly commit to marrying him. For this purpose, he should send his parents to his house to settle the relationship matters with them.

Author’s Introduction:

Maham Shoukat is a famous Pakistani female Urdu Novelist. Mahim belongs to Sahiwal city of Pakistan. He received his MA Urdu degree from Zakariya University, Multan. Maham started his career as a novelist during his studies.

She has written dozens of romantic novels so far. The novels written by him have gained immense fame. He is one of those young writers who have achieved so much fame at such a young age. He has received awards for several novels.

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