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Book Name: Sahih Muslim

The Writer: Imam Muslim

Introduction of the Book:

Sahih Muslim Urdu is the best work of Imam Muslims on the subject of Prophetic knowledge. After Sahih Bukhari, Sahih Muslim is considered to be the most authentic book on the knowledge of Prophetic Hadith. This book is in Arabic language and its translations have been published in all major languages.

This book is considered very authentic by scholars of the Sunni school of thought. It is included in the educational curriculum of Islamic Madrasahs in Pakistan and India, Bangladesh. This book consists of several chapters and each chapter contains several hadiths. Apart from this, this book is also taught in the syllabus of MA Islamiat and MPhil of Punjab University.

Some scholars say that the book of hadith of Imam Muslim is more authentic and competent than the book written by Imam Bukhari. Trust. Many scholars from Pakistan and India have written reviews of this book in the Urdu language. In Arabic, Imam Ibn Hajar Makki has written commentaries on Bukhari and Muslim books, which are highly regarded by scholars.

Sahih Muslim PDF Urdu:

Imam Muslim was born in 206 AH in the city of Nishapur, Iran. He received his initial education from the scholar of his local mosque. After that, he studied under the scholars of madrasahs in several cities to obtain higher education in Islamic sciences. Imam Sahib was Hafiz of Quran and Hadith knowledge. He memorized thousands of hadiths by heart.

Imam Muslim’s family was seen as highly respected in the city of Nishapur. His father had a very distinguished status among the scholars of the city. Imam Muslim learned Islamic sciences from the famous jurists of the world of Islam, Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal, Ishaq bin Rahawiya, and Imam Qutiba bin Saeed.

His teachers were also fans of Imam Muslim’s academic ability. Muhaddith Bu Ali says that if you are looking for a standard book of hadith, then know that there is no more authentic and reliable book on the face of the earth than the book of Imam Muslim. Apart from the hadith of the Prophet, Imam Muslim also wrote many books on other Islamic sciences.

Hadees Books PDF:

The description of the popular books written by Imam Sahib is as follows.

  • Kitab al-Seer
  • Jami Kabir
  • Kitab Al-Awjadan
  • Kitab Mashaikh Imam Malik
  • Kitab Mashaikh Imam Sufyan Thori
  • Al Masnad Al Kabir

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