Saiyan Romantic Novel free pdf by Bisma Bhatti

 Book Name: Saiyan

The Writer: Bisma Bhatti

Introduction of the Novel:

Saiyan is an excellent socio-romantic Urdu novel written by the best Urdu novelist Bisma Bhatti. The story of the novel is about a village youth who befriends a city-dwelling girl. He is infatuated with her. Loves to the extent and wants to marry her in any case. For this purpose, he has rejected the relations of educated and beautiful girls of his relatives.

But he is deeply traumatized when his girlfriend rejects his marriage proposal and mocks him for being the son of a villager and a farmer. This is a long novel with a total of more than five hundred pages. Earlier this novel was published in the form of episodes in a local Urdu digest. The fans of Urdu literature have liked the story of this novel very much.

Story/Summary of the Novel:

The main character in the story of this novel is a boy named Saif. Saif belongs to a rural area and his family is engaged in agriculture. His father is a village Chaudhry and a large landowner with several hundred acres of agricultural land. Saif is graduating in computer science from a city university.

He wants to do business by building his own information technology company in the future. He is an intelligent student with a brilliant academic career. While studying at the university; he befriended a girl who was his classmate. The girl’s father is a big businessman whose business is spread in many countries.

Saif has fallen in love with this girl and he loves her to the point of madness. Overwhelmed by her feelings of love, he expresses his love to her. Saif has also offered to marry this girl immediately. As far as friendship goes, this girl had a very good relationship with Saif and she respected him a lot.

Saiyan by Bisma Bhatti Complete:

 But hearing the offer of marriage, she became mad with anger and rejected the marriage proposal with great contempt. Then she taunted Saif for being a villager and a farmer’s son and said to him, “What do you think that the daughter of such a big businessman and rich man will marry a village boy like you?

Saif’s girlfriend left no stone unturned in humiliating him and insulting him in front of the entire university students. Saif is very sad to be publicly disrespected in this way. Her parents want her to get married to their relatives.

In love with his girlfriend, he had strictly forbidden his parents from getting engaged among relatives. But now he realizes that his parents were going to make the right decision. Surely he has committed a mistake for which he has been severely punished.

Author’s Introduction:

Bisma Bhatti is a new writer in the field of Urdu novel writing. He has written several novels so far and has made his mark in the academic and literary circles of Urdu literature. She writes novels for several Urdu language digests and several Urdu websites.

Apart from this, he also has expertise in Urdu short story writing. His Urdu short stories have been published in Jahan newspaper and Family magazine. Many of his novels are being published as episodes on the pages of social media sites. He has a huge fan base who loves his novels.

Bisma Bhatti Novels List:

  1. Saiyan
  2. Pagal Pan
  3. Lams e Fana e Mohabbat
  4. Arsh e Falak
  5. Ishqaway
  6. Bina Chand Ke Hum Adhuray
  7. Dil Janam Man Raqsam

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