Salsabeel Novel by Nayab Jilani PDF

Book Name: Salsabeel

The Writer: Nayab Jilani

Introduction of the Novel:

Salsabeel is a high-quality urdu novel written by a famous urdu novelist nayab Jelani. The story of the novel reflects the truths of our society. In our society, people only have relationships with those people. With whom their interests are associated.

In recent times this novel has received a lot of acclaim and its episodes are still being published in a magazine. The story of the novel exposes many realities of our society. Unfortunately, we ignore these facts and do not take them seriously.

In our society, a man is respected by his social and financial status and his character and decency, goodness, and piety do not matter. Not given. In the story of the novel, the greed, and selfishness of the people of the society is described as an abominable act.

Salsabeel Novel by Nayab Jilani:

Salsabeel is a true story of our society whose characters are similar to the characters of our street neighborhood. The main character of the story is a doctor. He is a well-known physician of the city. The doctor has two daughters who are highly educated and are serving in the medical field.

The daughters of doctors have struggled for a long time to become professionals. Both the sisters have faced many ups and downs in life. Shafia is the other main character of this story who belongs to a big and rich family. Shafia has no children of her own, but she has a stepson who is the son of her husband’s first wife.

This boy is very stupid and selfish and disobeys his mother in every matter. This boy is in love with a girl and always walks with her in the city. Shafia is very disturbed by the behavior of this young man and always prays for his recovery.

Introduction of the writer of the book:

Nayab Jilani is a young Urdu novelist. She has written a dozen novels so far. Readers of Urdu literature highly appreciate his novels. Romance, social issues, women’s rights, and forced marriage are the main themes of his novels. She writes romantic novels mostly for Urdu magazines published in Karachi. Following is the list of novels.

Nayab Jilani Novels:

  • Tum Mere Ho
  • Maqadmah e Dil
  • Taloo e Sehar se Shaam e Mohababt Tak
  • Dareecha to Kholiyay
  • Tark e Wafa
  • Kuch Din Lagain Gay

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