Samandar Ka Beta Novel by M.A Rahat

Book Name: Samandar Ka Beta

The Writer:  M.A Rahat

Action and Romantic Novels in Urdu:

Samandar Ka Beta Novel by M.A Rahat is a beautiful action adventure Urdu novel. The author of this novel is well-known Urdu novelist and short story writer MA Rahat. The story of this novel is about a young man who is poor man living in a fishing town.

His family spends time catching fish from the sea. These people are expert hunters and sell several kilos of fish every day. His wife also helps him a lot with this work. This is a short Urdu adventure novel with a very strong story and very impressive characters.

Story/Summary of the Novel:

The story of this novel is about a young fisherman who lives with his family in a seaside town. The name of this fisherman is Ramadan and he lives in a hut in this village with his wife. Ramadan got married a year ago and his wife is pregnant.

One night, both husband and wife prepare to hunt fish in the sea. They reached the sea and were moved forward in a boat. They threw a net into the sea and waited for the fish to get caught in the net. Suddenly there was a storm in the sea and the high waves took Ramadan’s boat in its wake.

It was a very terrible and terrible storm which destroyed everything. Both Ramadan and his wife were swept away by the terrible waves of the sea. Ramzan and his wife died in this sudden accident. That day there was a commotion on the beach and all the people of the village gathered there.

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The incident of the previous night surprised all the people of the village. The people of the seaside town found a newborn baby alive and well on the beach. They guessed that this child was the son of a Ramadan fisherman.

One of these people’s families took the responsibility of raising this child and named him Shaban. This child Shaban grew up and was called the son of the sea. Shaaban is the hero and main character of this story. After that, the story covers the adventures of Shaaban and the important events of his exciting life.

The story of this beautiful novel is very wonderful and inspiring. The reader who studies this novel becomes enthralled by reading this interesting story. The story of this novel remains fresh in his mind for a long time.

Author’s Introduction:

M.A Rahat is a great novelist of Urdu literature. Rahat has written almost all types of Urdu novels. He mostly writes historical and adventure, and mystery novels. The writer belongs to the city of Lahore. He started his writing carrier from Khofnak digest by writing short stories and horror novels in episodes.

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