Sarfarosh (Complete) Novel by M.A Rahat PDF

Book Name: Sarfarosh

The Writer: M.A Rahat

Sarfarosh (Complete) Novel by M.A Rahat PDF:

Sarfrosh is an action-adventure novel in Urdu pdf language that has gained a lot of popularity. The author of this wonderful novel is well-known Urdu novelist MA Rahat.

This novel story is in two volumes and is easily available in the market. Earlier. This novel was being published in episodes form in a monthly Urdu digest.

Summary of the Novel:

The story of this novel is the story of brave people who are always ready to sacrifice their lives for the defense of their dear motherland. Also, in this story, those people whose negative Roles are playing in the development of evils in society have been exposed.

The mission of these people is not to miss any opportunity to collect wealth even if it means harming their country. Also, they are hollowing out the geographical borders of their country for the sake of their personal interests.

Sarfarosh Complete Novel by M.A Rahat Pdf:

Some people do not avoid harming the interests of their country and nation for the sake of their temporary economic gain. In our society, they are known as mafia. In this novel, patriotic heroes are trying to defeat such people.

Readers of Urdu literature must know about this famous novel. This is an adventurous and thrilling Urdu action novel. The characters shown in this novel are taken from our society.

Sarfarosh Novel by M.A Rahat Free Download Pdf:

The language of Sarfarosh’s novel is very easy, simple, and common sense which even a common reader can easily understand. Although the total pages of both volumes of this book are pretty high, the adventure is so much that the curiosity of the reader while reading the story.

It does not end and he continues to read the story. Readers of Urdu literature say that this is an adventure digest serial novel with common sense and a strong story. The characters of this novel are also very strong and lively, due to which many copies of this book have been sold.

Author’s Introduction:

M.A Rahat is a great novelist of Urdu literature. Rahat has written almost all types of Urdu novels. He mostly writes historical and adventure, and mystery novels.

The writer belongs to the city of Lahore. He started his writing carrier in Khofnak digest by writing short stories and horror novels in episodes. The author got extraordinary fame to write mystery novels in urdu literature.

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