Seerat un Nabi by Ibn Khaldun

Book Name: Seerat al-Nabi

The Writer: Ibn Khaldun

Introduction of the Book:

Seerat al-Nabi Urdu by Ibn Khaldun is considered to be one of the best books written in Arabic on the life of the Holy Prophet. This book is written by the famous historian, biographer, and sociologist of the Islamic world, Allama Abdul Rahman Ibn Khaldun.

That book is in the Arabic language, but this book has been translated into Urdu by many scholars from Pakistan and India. Nafees Academy has published its translation in the Urdu language. The art of biography was started by Hazrat Aban, the son of Hazrat Usman Ibn Affan.

Ibn Khaldun Books:

He would immediately write down whatever he heard from the Companions. In this way, he collected many hadiths about many events related to the holy life of the Holy Prophet. Muhammad Ibn Ishaq and Ibn Hisham did the work of editing them by getting the traditions from Hazrat Aban’s disciples.

The books of these two scholars are considered to be the earliest and most authentic books on the subject of biography in the Arabic language. Ibn Khaldun wrote the book under comment after getting guidance from these same Arabic books.

Ibn Khaldun wrote this book on the biography of the Holy Prophet by establishing the following chapters. The book has a total of ten chapters in which Ibn Khaldun has recorded very authentic traditions

List book

  1. History and social conditions of the Arab society before the birth of the Holy Prophet
  2. Blessed birth of Rasoolullah
  3. Early in your life
  4. Prophethood
  5. The Ascension Event
  6. Early propagation of Islam
  7. Migration to Medina
  8. Incidents of participation in various wars
  9. Battle of Badr
  10. Ghazwa Uhud
  11. Warring parties
  12. Peace of Hudaybiya
  13. Invitation to Islam to various kings
  14. Battle of Khyber
  15. Conquest of Makkah
  16. Farewell Hajj
  17. Prophet’s death

Seerat Writing in the Arabic Language:

During the time of Hazrat Umar bin Abdul Aziz, the art of biography developed a lot. Hazrat Umar regularly patronized the teaching and compilation of the Surat al-Nabi. Later, eminent scholars wrote excellent books on the life of the Holy Prophet in the Arabic language.

Among these books, Ibn Ishaq’s biography of the Holy Prophet, Ibn Hisham’s biography, and Imam Jalaluddin Suyuti’s characteristics are worth mentioning.

Seerat Writing in the Urdu Language:

Scholars of the subcontinent have done very valuable research work on the life conditions of the Holy Prophet. Sheikh Abdul Haq Muhaddith Dehlavi’s book Madaraj-ul-Nawat, Sheikh Mulla Moin Waiz Kashifi’s book Ma’araj-ul-Nawat, and Qazi Sulaiman Mansoor Puri’s book Rahmatul-ul-Ulamin Islamic scholars of India.

Introduction of the writer of the book:

Ibn Khaldun was born in Tunis in 1332 AD. He received his primary education in Tunis and later went to Cairo, Egypt for higher education. Acquired Arabic language and literature. Later, he continued to teach these Islamic sciences in different schools.

At the age of twenty, he was employed as a judge, orator, and government officer in the court of various rulers. Along with this, he also continued to write and compile with full enthusiasm. His books, Sue Tarikh, Tarikh Ibn Khaldun, and Sirat al-Nabi, are taught in many universities in Islamic countries.

His book Maqadmah  Tarikh on the subject of history is also included in the syllabus of history in universities in Asia, Europe, and Africa.

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