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Book Name:    Seerat un Nabi

Writer:  Allama Shibli Nomani 

Seerat un Nabi (سیرت النبی ازعلامہ شبلی نعمانی)by Shibli Nomani pdf is a famous book on the topic of the life history of the holy prophet. This book gives a detailed description of important events, wars, and covenants during the lifetime of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). Many scholars and writers of Islamic literature have written books on the subject of the Prophet’s biography.

But the features that exist in the PDF of the Urdu book written by Allama Shibli Nomani are not in any other book. This Islamic Urdu pdf book contains seven volumes. The writing of this great book was started by Allama Shibli Nomani. He had just written three volumes of this book when he passed away.

After him, Allama Suleiman Nadavi finished this research work by authoring the remaining four volumes. The first volume of the Prophet’s biography was published in 1917 and the last volume was published in 1938.

Seerat Un Nabi Part 001 by Shibli Nomani:

This is a reference book and new writers get a lot of guidance from it. This history book is included in the curriculum of schools and colleges in Pakistan and India. Scholars and students of all schools of thought read it with great interest. Many editions of it have been published in Pakistan, and some publishers have mixed it together and published it in three volumes. Every student, writer, and researcher of Islamic sciences should read this excellent book.

About the author:

Shibli Nomani was born on June 3, 1857, in the Azam Garh district of Uttar Pradesh, India. Shibli Nomani is an Indian researcher and one of the senior scholars. He was the founder of Shibli National College and Azam Garh House of Writers. Because of his scholarly services, people from all Muslim schools of thought read his books and believed in him.

Allama Shibli was one of the unique religious scholars who mastered Arabic, Urdu, Turkish and Persian languages. Shibli Nomani considered the acquisition of Islamic knowledge very important. Since his childhood, he wanted to study Islamic studies. His brothers were interested in studying law.

They went to England to study law and returned as barristers. But Shabli’s thinking was different from his. His mental orientation was towards Islamic sciences and he went to them to acquire Islamic knowledge. After studying the basic books of Islamic sciences, Shibli went to Mecca for Hajj and learned Islamic knowledge from various scholars there. Among these sciences are philosophy and history. Sufism, hadith, interpretation of the Qur’an, etc.

Detailed Life History:

When he returned to India after the Hajj, he met Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, who had founded a Muslim university in the city of Aligarh. Sir Syed Ahmad Khan appointed him as a university lecturer. Sir Syed Ahmed Khan sent the job offer which he accepted. He was appointed as a teacher of Arabic and Persian languages.

He worked as a teacher at Aligarh Muslim University for 16 years. While working in Aligarh, he also had the opportunity to work with English teachers and tour the Middle East and Europe. After the death of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, Shibli left his job at Aligarh University and joined the Hyderabad State Education Department.

He introduced very high educational reforms in the education system of the country. Based on the proposal, the government set the curriculum for higher education at Osmania University in Urdu. In 1908, he left his job here and got a job at Nadwat ul Ulama.

He worked here for five years and made valuable reforms in the institution which greatly increased the prestige of this Islamic institution. In 1913, he quit his job and went to his hometown Azam Garh. where he decided to start the writer’s house. His talented student Allama Suleiman was also with him.


  • Seerat ul-Nabi Seerah al-Nabi Akram (PBUH) in the Urdu language.
  • Alfarouq. History of Hazrat Umar’s life.
  • Ghazali. History of Imam Ghazali’s life.

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