Shab Gazeeda by Aneeza Syed PDF

Book Name: Shab Gazeeda

The Writer: Aneeza Syed

Introduction of the Novel:

Shab Gazeeda is a social romantic Urdu novel written by renowned Urdu novelist Aneeza Syed. It is a love story of two lovers who fell in love with each other since childhood. Unfortunately, this love relationship could not continue.

The story of this novel was published in the form of episodes in an Urdu language digest published in Karachi. This story got extraordinary popularity due to which the author of the novel decided to publish it in the form of a book.

Summary / Story of the Novel:

In the story of the novel, the writer has told that the passion of love is priceless, it has no price. Childhood love is full of sincerity and genuine, but after reaching the threshold of adulthood, one’s priorities change, which leads to the breakdown of relationships.

The main characters of the story of the novel are a boy and a girl. The boy’s name is Murtaza and the girl’s name is Ayesha Niazi. He is a student at a big and famous school in the city. Murtaza belongs to a middle-class family and his father works as an office staff in a local medicine company.

Ayesha Niazi belongs to a prosperous Pakhtun family who believes in strict adherence to ancient Pakhtun traditions. Ayesha Niazi has been friends with her classmate Murtaza since childhood and she likes him very much. She wants to marry Murtaza and is trying to convince her parents of this purpose.

Shab Gazeeda by Aneeza Syed:

In her family, there is no custom of marriage of choice and the matters of children’s marriages are decided by the elders of the family. Ayesha Niazi’s parents also want her to marry according to the tradition of the family.

Ayesha is determined to marry her friend of her own free will, no matter how much she has to pay for this decision. Her parents are also stubborn and are not ready to give up their egos. She knows very well that the people of her family will not be ready to completely abandon the ancient tribal traditions.

In the Pashtun tribes, girls are not hesitated to be killed for marrying their choice. His parents, realizing his rebellious thoughts, have stopped him from going out of the house. Because of this, he is in a lot of shock.

Author’s Introduction:

Aneeza Syed is a great Urdu novel writer. Aneeza has mostly written novels on social, romantic, and women’s issues. Apart from novels, she also writes Urdu short stories. Several collections of her Urdu short stories have been published so far.

She is a master’s degree holder in Urdu language and literature and is associated with the field of teaching. Aneeza started her writing career at a young age. Her writing style is very unique and attractive. Her novels are very popular among the readers of every region of Pakistan. Many of her novels are considered by readers to be his best literary work.

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