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Book Name: Shamsheer Ka Karz

The Writer: Khan Asif

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Shamsheer Ka Karz is a beautiful historical novel in the Urdu language. This wonderful novel is written by the famous Urdu novelist Khan Asif. This book is about the life and war exploits of Zahiruddin Babur, the first Mughal emperor of India.

He defeated Sultan Ibrahim Lodhi in the city of Panipat and took over the rule of India. Sultan Zaheer-ud-Din Babur conquered India and laid the foundation of the glorious reign of the Muslims here. His war exploits and welfare and reform agenda for India is a golden chapter of history.

This historical novel by Khan Asif on the subject of history is one of the most famous books written. Zaheeruddin Babur was born in the Ferghana state of Uzbekistan. He mastered the arts of swordsmanship, javelin, and archery in childhood.

Babur’s family is descended from the famous Mongol conquerors, Halaku Khan and Genghis Khan. Fighting was in the blood of these people. This is the reason why he excelled in many battles. Historians say that many dervishes and saints prayed for Babur’s success.

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These dervishes include Syed Mahdi Qalandar and Hazrat Musa Ashiqan. Due to the prayers of these pious people, Babur was blessed with glorious victory and many generations of him ruled India. There are still many monuments of Mughal rule in India that reflect their glorious rule.

These monuments include the Babri Masjid, Shahi Masjid Delhi, and the Red Fort in the city of Delhi. Babur’s successors introduced Islam to India. He established an excellent justice system and took far-reaching steps for the development of industry and agriculture.

Due to these reforms, India became a prosperous region and its subjects became very prosperous. After Babur, his successors kept alive the traditions established by him and continued to take measures for the prosperity of the people.

The book is one of the most popular history books of Khan Asif. If you love to read historical novels, this is a great book for you.

Author’s Introduction:

Khan Asif is a renowned Pakistani Urdu novelist and historian. He was born on February 23, 1940, in Rampur, India. Khan Asif received his primary education from Rampur. Later after the creation of Pakistan, he migrated from India and came to Karachi. Khan Asif has written many historical Urdu novels.

Apart from historical novels, he also wrote many books on Sufism. He also worked as a scriptwriter for Mumbai and Pakistan films. He wrote songs for many Pakistani Urdu films which became very popular.

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